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Grundfos MQ self-priming multistage pump
KSB-Amarex KRT - G, G1, G2, GH
Ebara-CDX,CDXM- Centrifugal Stainless Steel Pumps
Wilo-JP series-Centrifugal Sanitary Pumps
EBARA-3-3L SERIES Centrifugal pumps close coupled and standardized
Tsurumi-NH-Submersible Wastewater Pumps
Wilo-VeroTwin-DPL-Glanded double pump in in-line design
KSB - Movitec A PumpDrive-vertical, high-pressure centrifugal pump
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November 14, 20145 months ago

Grundfos MQ self-priming multistage pump

Grundfos MQ self-priming multistage pump

…much more compact

The Grundfos MQ is a compact all-in-one pressure boosting unit,
designed for domestic water supply and other boosting or lift
applications. The MQ is a compact and reliable, easy-to-install
pump, with many standard features.

The MQ pump is ideal for pressure boosting from water storage
tanks or from city water supply (maximum 45 psi inlet pressure).
The MQ is also a self-priming multistage centrifugal pump. It can
selfprime from a well depth of down to 26 feet within a
maximum time of 5 minutes.*

* For detailed suction lift performance characteristics, refer to
the MQ product guide




The Grundfos’ MQ pump is compact and extremely
easy to install. The pressure switch and tank are
already built into the MQ. Furthermore, it is selfpriming
and water-cooled with a very low noise level.
The outlet pipe connection can be angled up to 5° to
fit your existing pipe-work.
Grundfos’ MQ pump is simple and easy to operate.
The settings are clearly indicated on the user-friendly
control panel with indicator lights for Pump on/off,
auto reset, and an alarm indicating dry running or
Grundfos MQ is built for trouble-free operation. It’s
construction from corrosion-resistant materials
means it can be used for clean water. The anti-cycling
feature prevents the pump from repeatedly starting
and stopping in the event of a dripping tap or a minor
leak. If there is no water available, the pump will stop
to protect itself and restart automatically when
water is available again


MQ is a compact water supply system designed for domestic, agricultural and horticultural applications.Applications

The MQ pump is designed for water supply and pressure boosting

  • in private homes
  • in summer houses and weekend cottages
  • on farms
  • in market gardens and other large gardens.


The pump is suitable for pumping of potable water and rainwater.

Grundfos-MQ-CurvesPerformance range: Flow up to 20 gpm
Head up to 139 ft
System pressure: Up to 109 psi
Inlet pressure: Max. 45 psi
Suction lift: Max. 26 ft
Liquid temperature: 32°F to +95°F
Ambient temperature: 32°F to +113°F
Nominal voltage range: 1 x 110 – 120 V or
1 x 220 – 240 V
Weight: 29 pounds
Dimensions: 12.6 x 22.4 x 8.7 (in)
Thermal protection Yes

Features and benefits

  • All-in-one pressure booster unit
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Self-priming
  • Dry-running protection
  • Low-noise
  • Maintenance-free.

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November 13, 20145 months ago

KSB-Amarex KRT - G, G1, G2, GH

Amarex KRT with highly efficient submersible motors

With highly efficient IE3* submersible motors the pumps of the Amarex KRT® series are a true innovation on the market. KSB’s extremely energy-efficient motors can be integrated into pump stations as standard. The pump sets can be supplied with or without explosion protection

Amarex_KRT-EKSB’s in-house development work has enabled these pump sets to be mechanically and electrically optimised for the special requirements of waste water transport. The Amarex KRT motors’ electrical and magnetic design fulfils the requirements of the IE3* efficiency class up to a drive rating of 850 KW.

Combining these motors with a wide range of hydraulic systems for handling waste water enables KSB to provide pump sets offering superb efficiency and dependable operation for every application. Save energy effectively


Vertical, single-stage submersible motor pump in close-coupled design, various impeller types, for wet or dry installation, stationary and transportable version. Design to ATEX.


Handling of all types of abrasive or aggressive waste water in water and waste water engineering as well as industry, especially untreated sewage containing long fibres and solid substances, fluids containing gas / air, as well as raw, activated and digested sludge; sea water desalination.


Pump sets of installation types P and S

KSB-Amarek-KRT-Guide railare designed for continuously submerged operation. The motor is cooled by the fluid
handled on the motor surface. Operation with the motor outside the fluid handled is
possible for short periods.

Pump sets of installation type K

are suitable for continuous operation with the motor outside the fluid. Cooling is
effected by means of air convection.

Operating data

Capacity Q up to 6200 m3/h, 1700 l/s
Head H up to100 m
Motor power P2 from 0,8 kW to 320 kW
Temperature of
pumped liquid t up to 60 oC
Enclosure type IP 68 to EN 60 529 / IEC 529
additional flameproof versions ATEX II 2G T3 or T4


Three-phase asynchronous motor
400 V (variants: 230 V, 500 V, 690 V)


Standard version of cast iron
Material variants of wear-resistant chilled iron and
corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel


Overview of technical data

Type of bearing Rolling element bearings
Casing partition Radially split
Cutter Yes
Drive frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Type of drive Electric motor
Drive voltage Low voltage
Connection to power supply < 690 V, 3~
Explosion protection ATEX II 2 G T3; ATEX II 2 G T4
Impeller material (EN standard) JN 3029; JL 1040;1.4517
Type of installation Close- coupled
Type of coupling None
Type of lubrication Grease lubrication
Max. permissible fluid temperature 60 °C
Nozzle position End suction
Maximum rated pressure (discharge) PN 16
Pump set location Dry installed; Wet well
Shaft material (EN standard) C45+ N;1.4021
Suction characteristics Non- priming
Type of casing Volute casing
Type of impeller Open; Closed;Multi-vane impeller;Free flow impeller;Radial;Single-vane impeller;Diagonal;Cutter
Type of connection Flange
Casing material (EN standard) 1. 4517;JL 1040;JN 3029
eClass assignment 36410101; 36410103
Free passage 240 mm
Maximum head 120, 00 m
Minimum head 1, 00 m
Installation position Horizontal or vertical
Shaft seal type Mechanical seal
Main applications Energy; Water;Industry and process engineering;Mining / Dredges;Waste water / sewage;Building services
Casing material Cast iron
Maximum discharge-side pressure 12 bar
Maximum drive rating 850 kW
Type of installation 00; Transportable;Stationary
Maximum flow rate 10. 080 m³/h
Minimum flow rate 0, 60 m³/h
Maximum speed of rotation 3. 500 1/min


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October 27, 20145 months ago

Ebara-CDX,CDXM- Centrifugal Stainless Steel Pumps

Ebara-CDX, CDXM Series

Stainless steel single impeller centrifugal pumps.
Featuring the one piece volute manufactured using
Ebara’s unique plasma stamping process.


˜ Single stage centrifugal pump, closed impeller.
˜ Maximum working pressure: 8 bar
˜ Maximum liquid temperature: 60 °C (for models 70/05-70/07-90/10)
~90 °C (for other models)


Ebara-CDX-Drawing˜ Pump casing: 304 Stainless Steel
˜ Impeller: 304 Stainless Steel
˜ Casing Cover: 304 Stainless Steel
Shaft: 303 Stainless Steel
˜ Bracket & Motor Frame: Aluminium
˜ Mechanical seal: Carbon/Ceramic/NBR
˜ (wetted part)

Motor Data

˜ TEFC, 2 pole, 50 Hz
˜ Insulation class F
˜ IP55 protection
˜ 1 Phase – 230 Volt
˜ 3 Phase – 230/400 Volt (dual voltage motors)
˜ In built overload protection for 1 Phase


˜ 25 mm Ø discharge
˜ 0.37 to 1.5 kW – 1 Phase
˜ 0.37 to 1.8 kW – 3 Phase
˜ 1.8 m cable with 3 pin plug (1 Phase models only)


˜ 1.8 m cable with 3 pin plug (1 Phase models only)


˜ High temperature seal (110 °C)
(Carbon/Ceramic/Viton seal, Viton O’ Rings)
˜ Hard faced seal (SiC/SiC/Viton seal, Viton O’ Rings)

Performance Curve

3000 rpm

Water temp:
20 °C

of test :
ISO 9906
Annex A

Model Code

CDXM 120/12
Motor Size
Nominal Capacity
(70,90,120 or 200 lpm)
Model CDX = 3 Phase
CDXM = 1 Phase
(M ~ Monophase)


EBARA              GRUNDFOS              KSB             WILO           TSURUMI

October 24, 20145 months ago

Wilo-JP series-Centrifugal Sanitary Pumps

Product Introduction

Wilo-JP series-Centrifugal Sanitary Pumps in all sectors of beverage and food processing industries,

JP series, special feature with unique spiral-shaped casing and the double curved impeller design for high efficiencyhave proven successfully by absolute reliability such as low energy consumption,

perfect CIP and low noise level.


Features / Benefits

Wilo-JP-DIMIdeal for hygienic application of dairy, food, beverage,
pharmaceutical and other industries
Unique spiral-shaped casing for high efficiency
Designed for either CIP or easy manual cleaning
Low NPSH requirement, power consumption, noise level
Up to 100m³/hr flow rate, 80m head
SS316L for all wetted parts & EPDM standard
Single seal standard & easy change to double seal





































EBARA              GRUNDFOS              KSB             WILO           TSURUMI

June 27, 20149 months ago

EBARA-3-3L SERIES Centrifugal pumps close coupled and standardized


Centrifugal pumps close coupled and standardized


(FORMER DIN 24255)
End suction centrifugal pumps built in stainless steel AISI 304
(3 Series) and AISI 316L (3L Series)


• Water supply to civil, agricultural and industrial plants
• Pressure boosting
• Fire-fighting, heating systems and air-conditioning
• Moving industrial liquids
• Irrigation
• Refrigeration towers
• Swimming pools
• Emptying
• Washing plants


Ebara-3-Series-contruction• Can also work in vertical position
• Highly resistant contruction
• Hydroforming process EBARA patent


• Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
• Maximum temperature of the liquid:
-10°C ÷ +90°C
-10°C ÷ +110°C (L-H-HS-HW-HSW-E versions)
-10°C ÷ +120°C (ES version)
• MEI >0,4 for SERIES 3(L) 2 poles, MEI >0,1 for SERIES 3(L) 4 poles
For further information please see our Data Book


• High efficiency IE2 motors starting from 0,75kW
• Self-ventilated 2 and 4 poles asynchronous motor
• Class of insulation F (B for high temperatures)
• IP 55 protection degree
• 230V ±10%, 50Hz single phase voltage,
three phase voltage 220-240/380-415V ± 5% (up to 0,55kW included), 50Hz for 3(L)M4 SERIES,
three phase voltage 230/400V ±10% (from 0,75kW to 4kW included), 50Hz for 3(L)M4 SERIES,
three phase voltage 230/400V ±10% (up to 4kW included), 50Hz for the other models
three phase voltage 400/690V ±10% (from 5,5kW and over), 50Hz
• Protection is user’s responsibility


Ebara-3-Series-contruction1 copy• Pump casing and seal housing disc:
- AISI 304 per 3 Series 32-125/160/200
- AISI 316L for 3L Serie 32-125/160/200
- AISI 316 microcasted for 3L Series 65-250
• Impeller in:
- AISI 304 for 3 Series 32-125/160/200
- AISI 316L for 3L Series 32-125/160/200
- AISI 316 microcasted for 3 SERIES 65-125/160/200
3L SERIES 65-125/160/200
• Standard mechanical seal:
- Carbon/Ceramic/NBR for 3 Series 32-125/160/200
- SiC/SiC/FPM for 3L Series 32-125/160/200
- Special mechanical available on request

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