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Dosing Pump

Grundfos-Conex DIA-1, DIA-2, DIA-2Q (Dosing Instrumentation Advanced)




Measuring amplifiers and controllers

Conex DIA-1, DIA-2, DIA-2Q-1


The Conex® DIA (Dosing Instrumentation Advanced) series is designed for users without previous knowledge. A simple plain-text menu allows you to complete your tasks quickly and easily without wasting any time on learning and deciphering codes. The units speak no less than nine languages, allowing virtually anyone to navigate the self-explanatory menus. Conex®units monitor themselves, ensuring high water quality at all times.

Conex® DIA comes in three versions:



  • The calibration function carries out a plausibility check to prevent mishaps.
  • The logbook function records sensor data and calibration values complete with date and time.
  • The units also monitors the temperature and makes adjustments as necessary.
  • Nine display languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian.

Preassembled systems

TM041830_mit TextDIA preasssembled systems combine controllers and tried-and-tested electrodes on a plate ready for quick installation. The system is equipped with one of these controllers:


The system is equipped with one of these AquaCells:

  • D1, pressure-proof, with cleaning motor
  • D2, pressure-proof, with hydro-mechanical cleaning
  • D3, pressureless, with hydro-mechanical cleaning



  • Prepared cable sets
  • Measuring cell for Cl2 , ClO2 or O3
  • Optional pH electrode
  • Temperature compensation


  • Nine display language
  • The units also monitors the temperature and makes adjustments
  • The logbook function records sensor data


  • Drinking water treatment
  • pH control for dosing acids and alkalis, monitoring and control of residual chlorine
  • Swimming pool and bathing water treatment
  • pH control for dosing acids and alkalis, monitoring and control of residual chlorine
  • Industrial process water treatment
  • pH control for dosing acids and alkalis, monitoring and control of chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Disinfection in filling tanks and CIP applications.


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Grundfos-DMX Dosing, Diaphragm pump




DMX Diaphragm DosingGeneral

The Grundfos DMX range has proven its worth in dosing applications worldwide. With their robust diaphragm-based design and their high-quality motors DMX pumps require minimum maintenance and are best choice for many dosing applications. The DMX range is highly versatile: it covers a wide flow range and offers a variety of dosing head sizes, materials and accessories.


Accurate dosing – all the time

The diaphragm design ensures that the dosing flow variation is below ± 1.5 % and the linearity deviation is kept below 4 % at all times. This allows very precise dosing of your chemicals – as much as necessary, as little as possible.


Smooth and low-pulsation dosing

The DMX series combines sophisticated drive technolo­gy and gear kinematics to ensure smooth and low-pulsation dosing without pressure peaks. This means less stress to all system components, such as tubes and valves, and leads to longer service intervals for the entire system.


Motors to match application needs

WcapsImage-1For applications with specific motor requirements, the versatile DMX range offers high-quality motors for 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz (with Variable Frequency Drive VFD), as well as EX classified or ATEX-certified motors, if required.


Perfect material selection – for housing and liquid-wetted parts

The smaller DMX models have plastic housings offering chemical resistance and all the protec­tion necessary for many applications. The larger models have a robust cast-aluminium housing with epoxy coating to meet all application needs. Investment costs and running costs for spare parts are kept low over the years: A wide choice of materials for dosing head, valves and accessories allow selecting exactly the degree of chemical resistance required. All liquid-wetted parts need to be resistant to the chemicals used. The diaphragm is made of NBR and PTFE-coated.


Compact design – saves money and space

DMX pumps are available in 12 different dosing head sizes. Careful design work has kept them all very compact. This saves material costs and allows placing several pumps right next to each other in confined spaces. Double-head versions (DMX models 226 and 227) offer a very cost-efficient way to save space or to dose two different chemicals. The extra capacity offered by double-head versions can also be used to gain higher flow rates for a single chemical.


Screenshot_2Accessories ensure perfect operation of the entire system

A wide range of accessories specially designed for the DMX series help optimise performance: AR control electronics (contact signal control with multiplier and divisor function, 4-20 mA control or stroke frequency control via display and key pad, low-level/empty signal), integrated relief valve, dosing controller, diaphragm leakage detection, servomotor for automatic stroke length adjustment, PTC motors with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). We also offer system components such as pressure loading valves and pulsation dampers.


Disinfection, coagulation, flocculation, precipitation, etc. in:

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Cleaning water treatment
  • Food & Beverage industry, dairies
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Low-pressure boiler feed water treatment


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