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Slurry Pumps

Ebara - SAL Slurry Pumps




Ebara-SAL• No power overload
Specially designed impeller with a limit load
feature is used so that there is never a power overload no matter what the head.

• Low energy consumption and yet highly efficient
Unique hydraulic design makes this pump more efficient than any other type.
The initial rate of efficiency is sustained for reducing electrical power consumption.

• Highly durable
A special, wear-resistant iron casting is used for both body and impeller.

• Ample motor output allowance
The motor has ample power output allowance. It will operate without change of output with mixed solution of 1.1 specific gravity.

• Minimal gland packing leakage
Rear impeller vane ensures minimal leakage from durable gland packing.

• Corrosion and wear-resistant materials
Both chrome iron casting and two-phase stainless steel are available. Interchangeability makes a wide range of
applications possible



Ebara-SAL-CurvesThe impellers, which are subject to the greatest possibility of
wear, are of tough high chrome cast iron about 20 times as
wear resistant as ordinary cast iron.

• The casing, which is subject to less possibility of wear, is of
less expensive low chrome cast iron with three to five times
the wear resistance of ordinary cast iron



Ebara-SAL-dim1. Motor specifications: Three-phase induction
motor; open, drip-proof type : D.P.; completely
sealed external fan type : T.E.
2. Dimensions marked with an asterix (*) will
change when using a completely sealed
external fan type motor with four poles of 15kW
or six poles of less than 11kW.
3. The pump must never be allowed to rotate in
reverse. Confirm test in operation of motor only
that rotation direction is correct






Chemical Industry

  • -Neutralizing agents (milk of lime)
  • -Filter press suply liquid
  • (water with high mud concentration)
  • -Wet type dust collection
  • (dust-impregnated water)
  • -Sediment disposal (drains)

Oil Refining

  • -Waste disposal
  • (non corroded waste)
  • -Pit drain
  • (water with soft mud)

Paper & Pulp

  • -Pulp treatment (max. 4% concentration)
  • -Additives (clay-mixed water)
  • -Neutralizing agents (milk of lime)
  • -Waste disposal (sedimen-mixed water)


  • -Kitchen darins (filtrate)
  • -Waste liquid disposal

Sugar / Salt Manufacturing

  • -Used wash water
  • (earth and sand-mixed water)
  • -Steamed and boiled liquid
  • (molasses)

Steel Manufacturing & Refineries

  • -Used coke cooling water
  • (mixed with coke dust)
  • -Casting sand recovery
  • (water mixed with sand)
  • -Conveyor pit drainage
  • (water mixed with iron oxide)
  • -Residual settling tank liquid
  • (water mixed with sludge)
  • -Dust collecting circulating liquid
  • (dust mixed water)

Thermal Power Stations

  • -Incinerator ash disposal
  • (water mixed with ash, carbon)
  • -dust disposal
  • (dust mixed water)

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