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Special Applications

Special Applications

Grundfos NBF and NKF is an end-suction pump made for fire sprinkler pump applications.


Grundfos NBF is an end-suction pump made for fire sprinkler pump applications. NBF is a close-coupled type and NKF is a long-coupled type.

The NKF fire system is an NBF or NKF end-suction pump integrated with a coupling and a driver, which may be an electric motor or a diesel engine, assembled on a base frame.

Electric pump types can be ordered as a COMPACT model (inclusive of a controller integrated onto the baseframe).

Diesel-driven NKF. A controller always forms a part of the system.


The pump materials are in compliance with EN 12845 and prEN12259-12:

  • Impeller and wear rings are made of bronze
  • Wet parts such as shaft, washers and nuts are made of stainless steel
  • Castings are made of cast iron.


Grundfos-Fire system-3Grundfos offers a complete, factory-assembled controller in a steel plate cabinet, suitable for wall mounting or to install free-standing. The controller complies with the EN 12845 standard. The controller for diesel-powered pumps is always mounted on the base frame.



Electric motor

Grundfos-Fire system-2The electric motor is an MG or MMG motor complying with local standards for electric motors. As from 16 July 2011, the motors used in Europe will be IE2 = EFF 1 motors.




Diesel engine

Grundfos-Fire system-1The diesel engine can operate continuously at full load at site elevation with rated output in accordance with ISO 3046-1:1986. The pump reaches full operational speed within 15 seconds; the engine is capable of starting at a room temperature of 5 °C.

Each complete engine pump unit is tested on the manufacturer’s test bed for at least 1.5 hours at rated flow rate, and the result recorded on the test certificate.



The Grundfos fire pump units are typically used in fire-fighting applications for supplying water to fire-hose reels, fire hydrants or sprinkler systems.


Features and benefits

  • Pumps are made according to EN12845 and PrEN12259-12
  • Electric or diesel powered
  • Designed for superior functionality and performance reliability
  • Simple installation and easy maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Customised and reliable solutions
  • Widest range from one supplier.


  • Wide performance range
  • Customised solutions
  • Compact design


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Grundfos-Hydro Multi-S-Booster System




Grundfos-Hydro-Multi-SGrundfos Hydro Multi-S booster sets consist of two or three identical Grundfos CM, CMV or CR pumps, connected in parallel and mounted on a common base frame, and a control cabinet with motor protection and integrated controller.
Hydro Multi-S booster sets are supplied as complete, pre-assembled and tested systems including suction and discharge manifolds, isolating valves, non-return valves, pressure gauge and pressure switches. To ensure reliable operation, the booster set must be fitted with a suitable diaphragm tank. The pumps are automatically operated according to system demand by means of pressure switches (one for each pump).


  • Offices
  • schools
  • hotels
  • irrigation systems.

Features and benefits

  • Reliable
  • highly efficient
  • service-friendly
  • compact
  • easy to commission
  • suitable for emergency operation.



This product can be installed as part of a large-scale solution in which a number of Grundfos products operate together. In order to achieve optimum performance, it is very important that the system is set up and adjusted correctly from the outset. The knowledge and experience of the Grundfos service technician, and the use of dedicated Grundfos service tools to adjust the performance of the pump, together guarantee that the greatest possible efficiency and fully correct operation of the equipment are both achieved. Commissioning is recommended in the following circumstances:

  • If two or more Grundfos products operate together in a system, e.g. in booster or wastewater systems
  • If the pumps are installed in a large system, e.g. in a building management system
  • If the user wants to be trained in the proper operation of the pumps/system
  • Where the setup is crucial for the Grundfos product to operate for its full planned life, e.g. in water treatment applications. In such cases commissioning is not only recommended but required
  • Where safety is an issue, e.g. in disinfection systems.

Recommended spare parts

Even though the Grundfos strategy is to supply the best possible pump solutions to our customers, after a long period of operation there will be wear and tear to some of the components in certain situations. If short operating downtime is a requirement, or if the pump is installed in inaccessible areas where delivery of spare parts may take a long time, it is advisable to maintain a small stock of recommended spare parts on site.


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Grundfos-CUE series



Grundfos-CUE-1The CUE series are frequency converters for the speed control of a wide range of Grundfos pumps.

The Grundfos CUE is the latest addition to our E-solution range of speed-controlled pump systems designed for a series of applications such as industry, building services, municipal or private water supply, wastewater and irrigation. This new series of wall-mounted frequency converters with features and functions for Grundfos pumps and a special user interface offers features similar to those of the Grundfos E-pumps, which are fitted with motors with an integrated frequency converter.

With a CUE solution you can control the speed of virtually any Grundfos pump, irrespective of size, power range, and application area.






The CUE is a frequency converter for Grundfos pumps, providing a series of predefined functions which make the converters easy to use in almost all application areas. A series of predefined control modes, such as constant pressure, proportional pressure, constant level or constant flow, makes it very easy to set up a system in only a few steps. A special start-up guide will lead you through the set-up of the CUE.

Features and benefits

  • Speed control of Grundfos pumps
  • Simple set-up
  • Predefined control modes
  • Predefined range of sensors
  • Predefined pump family data
  • Shares interface with control equipment
  • Additional functions available
  • Automatic setting of direction of rotation
  • 16 steps to get a system up and running.


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Grundfos-Digital dosing-DME



Grundfos DME Digital Dosing pumps combine perfect precision with user-friendliness, covering large dosing quantities in the range from 60 l/h to 940 l/h with few variants.

Digital Dosing

The use of stepper motor/EC drives optimizes control of the stroke speed and makes it extremely accurate. The duration of each pressure stroke varies according to the flow setting. The suction stroke time always remains constant but can be lengthened using the anti-cavitation function and thus adapted to the relevant needs. This way suction always takes place with the full stroke volume. This results in continuous dosing and lower pulsation in the dosing system – important factors in ensuring smooth pumping of outgassing media and in installations requiring longer suction lines.

The DME pump range has all the benefits of the highly acclaimed smaller Digital Dosing range, making accurate dosing easier than ever.

Precise and easy setting

The operator can easily install and set the pump to discharge exactly the quantity of dosing liquid required in the application. In the display, the setting of the pump is read out directly in ml/h or l/h, pulse or batch. The operation mode is easily identified by means of icons.

Turndown ratio 1:800

With a turndown ratio ten times better than that of traditional equipment, the DME Digital Dosing pumps offer maximum flexibility and accuracy.

Turndown of the suction stroke to 75 %, 50 % or 25 % of the maximum speed ensures optimal priming and displacement of even the most difficult liquids.

Unique technology

A unique drive technology and microprocessor control make sure that liquids are dosed precisely and with low pulsation, even when the pump is operating with high viscosity or degassing liquids. Instead of the conventional stroke length adjustment, the capacity of the DME is regulated by automatic adjustment of the motor speed during the discharge stroke, and by fixed suction stroke speed. This guarantees optimal and uniform mixing.


Fieldbus communication

Available with Profibus interface to supply performance data and status information for quality control, preventive maintenance and future reference.

Overload protection

Built-in overload protection monitors the counter-pressure of the pump and protects it against too high pressure loads.

Switch-mode power supply

The switch-mode power supply makes sure that Grundfos DME Digital Dosing pumps can be used worldwide within the 100-240 VAC – 50/60 Hz range.

Several material variants

The dosing heads of DME pumps are available in stainless steel, PVDF, and environmentally friendly, cost-efficient polypropylene.


Dosing of biocides and chemicals, belt lubricant for conveyor equipment diverse range of acids, lyes, flocculation and coagulation agents, cationic and anionic polymers with very different viscosities, precipitating agents and disinfectants, CIP applications


  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Industrial process water and waste water treatment
  • Drinking water treatment

Features and Benfits

  • Digital Dosing
  • Ratio 1:800
  • High precision – unique technology
  • Dosing of high viscosity media
  • Robustness and reliability


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KSB - MoviBOOST-boosting system



Moviboost_2-lightboxLsDriving the highest quality standards KSB now brings the new range of moviBoost; an advanced, smart, automatic pressure boosting unit with 2 to 6 high pressure pumps developed with state-of-the-art technology and the best materials to meet our customers’ growing demands.

Applicable for a wide range of appliactiosn in industry and construction, the new moviBoost series is more energy effeicient, robust and-user friendly with KSB German controller.




Pressure boosting in:

  • Resedential buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Hotels, departmental stores, industry etc.

Water supply systems for:

  • Buildings
  • Pressurized irrigation systems
  • Service water supply system in trade and industry
  • Sprinkler systems

Fire-fighting systems for:

  • Industrial plants
  • Resedential buildings
  • Departmental stores

Everything under perfect control with smart collection of components!

  1. Movitec Pumps
  2. Variable Speed Control System
  3. KSB Butterfly valves for each pump in the system
  4. Danfoss check valve for each pump
  5. RoHS Compliant KSB German Controller
  6. HMI – pump monitoring

With its world-class operating reliability and value-added features,moviBoost offers our customers the exact solution they require.




EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI

Ebara-DCS/DCD – Horizontal Double Case Pumps




Multi stage, Ring section inner casing, diffuser type for refineries, sea water injection, boiler feed and other pressure service model
of multistage, doble case, Ring section inner casing type have been widely used in refineries, diffuser type for refineries, sea water injection, boiler feed and other pressure service for many years.


Many impropements have been recently made in this pump to enhance its performence.
Our modern tape controlled machines in conjuction with advanced quality control procedures insure that these pumps meet our high manufacturing standart.
Unique original design of this high performance pump provides
for superior and extended low-cost operation.
Model DCD donates doble suction impeller type.


  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Other Chemical Industries
  • Boiler Feed
  • Liquid Gas Transfer
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Sea Water Injection For Oil-wells


  • Centerline support and heavy duty design
  • Doble casing, permits removal of the inner casing.
  • Full compliance with API specifications.
  • Flexibility of design handles wide range of liquid
  • All conponents have been designed for maximum part interchangebility.
  • Low NPSH perfoormance.

FOR MORE INFORMATION   DCS-DCDtunjuk-e1352992928843



Ebara sdc_1

















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Wilo-Comfort CO-/COR-Helix V/CC





Wilo CurveDesign

Highly efficient, ready-for-connection water supply unit (non self-priming) with 2 to 6 vertically arranged glanded stainless steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps from the Helix V series connected in parallel, including Comfort Controller CC (available with and without frequency converter).


  • Fully automatic water supply and pressure boosting in residential, commercial and public buildings, hotels, hospitals, department stores and for industrial systems.
  • Pumping of potable water, process water, cooling water, fire water (apart from fire-extinguishing systems in accordance with DIN 14462) or other water mixtures that do not attack the materials used chemically or mechanically and do not contain abrasive or long-fibre constituents

Special features / product benefits

  • Heavy-duty system with Helix V series stainless steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps for all requirements contained in DIN 1988 (EN 806)
  • High-efficiency pump hydraulics in conjunction with IE2 standard motors
  • Hydraulics of entire system are pressure-loss optimised
  • 2- 6 vertically arranged Helix V series high-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps switched in parallel
  • Easy-to-use controller CC, with expanded functions, memory-programmable microcomputer control and graphics-ready touchscreen, menu-prompted input of operating parameters, available with or without frequency converter for stepless control of base-load pump
  • Customised units on request


Wilo-boster_0Technical data

  • Mains connection 3~230 V / 400 ± 10%, 50 Hz
  • Fluid temperature max. 50°C (70°C optional)
  • Operating pressure 16 bar (25 bar optional)
  • Inlet pressure 10 bar
  • Nominal connection diameters on discharge side R 1½ ‐ DN 200
  • Nominal connection diameter on the intake side R 1½” – DN 200
  • Nominal speed 2850 rpm
  • Protection class IP 54 (control device CC)
  • Fuse on mains side AC 3 according motor power and EVU regulations
  • Approved fluids (other fluids on request):
    • Potable water and secondary hot water
    • Cooling water
    • Fire water (wet line; for dry lines on request – comply with separate specifications of DIN 1988 (EN 806) and of fire-protection authorities.)

    Note on fluids: Approved fluids are generally water mixtures which do not chemically or mechanically attack the materials used and do not contain either abrasive or fibrous matter



EBARA               GRUNDFOS              KSB              WILO          TSURUMI


Grundfos Hydro Multi-E - Booster set

Hydro multi-EHydro Multi-E is an innovative pressure booster system specially designed for building service applications.

As standard, Hydro Multi-E booster sets consist of two to four identical CRE pumps connected in parallel and mounted on a common base frame provided with a control cabinet and all the necessary fittings.

The control of the booster set builds on the master and slave principal where one pump is the master pump and where the other pumps act as slaves.
Hydro Multi-E booster sets are supplied as complete, pre-assembled and thoroughly tested booster sets, ready to install. The set point is easily adjusted via the Grundfos R100 remote control or from the control panel. The advanced control takes care of other adjustments to maintain constant pressure and optimum comfort.

Hydro Multi-E is built on Grundfos CRE pumps, known for their extremely high efficiency and reliability. The speed-controlled motors provide unique control functionality, which increases the comfort of the user and decreases operating costs. High quality materials are used throughout.


  • Extreme high reliability and efficiency
  • Perfect adaptation to demand
  • Constant pressure
  • Small foot print
  • Simple to use
  • Turnkey booster set ready for installation – plug ‘n’ pump unit
  • Hygienic designed manifolds


EBARA               GRUNDFOS              KSB              WILO          TSURUMI




grundfos mthGrundfos MTR, SPK, MTH, MTA pumps are vertical multistage centrifugal pumps designed for pumping of cooling lubricants for machine tools, condensate transfer and similar applications.

The pumps are designed to be mounted on top of tanks with the pump stack immerged in the pumped liquid.

Grundfos MTR, SPK, MTH and MTA pumps come with various pump sizes and various numbers of stages to provide the flow, the pressure and the length required.

The pumps consist of two main components: The motor and the pump unit. The motor is a Grundfos standard MG motor designed to EN standards.

The pump unit consists of optimised hydraulics, various types of connections, a motor stool, a given number of chambers and various other parts.


The immersible pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in all applications where you have a tank. As main applications the following can be mentioned:

  • Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Boring machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Machining centres
  • Grinding machines
  • Filtering systems
  • Swarf conveyors
  • Spark machine tools
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Cooling units.

Features and benefits

  • Flexible installation length
  • Wide performance range
  • Reliability
  • Service-friendly
  • Simple installation.



EBARA               GRUNDFOS              KSB              WILO

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WILO-CP 80-150W






WILO-CP 80-150W


Submersible Contractor pump with top discharge; raised suction strainer and Inox design.


  • civil engineering, drainage of tunnels and excavation pits
  • dewatering of fluids containing solid sediments
  • mobile use for contractors in service industries

Special features / product benefits

  • double housing water-cooled motor for flat suction
  • light weight
  • high quality silicon carbide double mechanical seal
  • high-efficient and wear-resistant HCR (high chrome) impeller
  • integrated motor control for current overload and high temperature

Technical data

  • discharge diameter DN80~ DN150
  • solid passage 10 mm
  • motor power 1.5kW~7.5kW; 2pole
  • 1~230V and 3~400V


EBARA               GRUNDFOS              KSB              WILO