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Submersible Pumps

KSB-Amarex KRT - G, G1, G2, GH

Amarex KRT with highly efficient submersible motors

With highly efficient IE3* submersible motors the pumps of the Amarex KRT® series are a true innovation on the market. KSB’s extremely energy-efficient motors can be integrated into pump stations as standard. The pump sets can be supplied with or without explosion protection

Amarex_KRT-EKSB’s in-house development work has enabled these pump sets to be mechanically and electrically optimised for the special requirements of waste water transport. The Amarex KRT motors’ electrical and magnetic design fulfils the requirements of the IE3* efficiency class up to a drive rating of 850 KW.

Combining these motors with a wide range of hydraulic systems for handling waste water enables KSB to provide pump sets offering superb efficiency and dependable operation for every application. Save energy effectively


Vertical, single-stage submersible motor pump in close-coupled design, various impeller types, for wet or dry installation, stationary and transportable version. Design to ATEX.


Handling of all types of abrasive or aggressive waste water in water and waste water engineering as well as industry, especially untreated sewage containing long fibres and solid substances, fluids containing gas / air, as well as raw, activated and digested sludge; sea water desalination.


Pump sets of installation types P and S

KSB-Amarek-KRT-Guide railare designed for continuously submerged operation. The motor is cooled by the fluid
handled on the motor surface. Operation with the motor outside the fluid handled is
possible for short periods.

Pump sets of installation type K

are suitable for continuous operation with the motor outside the fluid. Cooling is
effected by means of air convection.

Operating data

Capacity Q up to 6200 m3/h, 1700 l/s
Head H up to100 m
Motor power P2 from 0,8 kW to 320 kW
Temperature of
pumped liquid t up to 60 oC
Enclosure type IP 68 to EN 60 529 / IEC 529
additional flameproof versions ATEX II 2G T3 or T4


Three-phase asynchronous motor
400 V (variants: 230 V, 500 V, 690 V)


Standard version of cast iron
Material variants of wear-resistant chilled iron and
corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel


Overview of technical data

Type of bearing Rolling element bearings
Casing partition Radially split
Cutter Yes
Drive frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Type of drive Electric motor
Drive voltage Low voltage
Connection to power supply < 690 V, 3~
Explosion protection ATEX II 2 G T3; ATEX II 2 G T4
Impeller material (EN standard) JN 3029; JL 1040;1.4517
Type of installation Close- coupled
Type of coupling None
Type of lubrication Grease lubrication
Max. permissible fluid temperature 60 °C
Nozzle position End suction
Maximum rated pressure (discharge) PN 16
Pump set location Dry installed; Wet well
Shaft material (EN standard) C45+ N;1.4021
Suction characteristics Non- priming
Type of casing Volute casing
Type of impeller Open; Closed;Multi-vane impeller;Free flow impeller;Radial;Single-vane impeller;Diagonal;Cutter
Type of connection Flange
Casing material (EN standard) 1. 4517;JL 1040;JN 3029
eClass assignment 36410101; 36410103
Free passage 240 mm
Maximum head 120, 00 m
Minimum head 1, 00 m
Installation position Horizontal or vertical
Shaft seal type Mechanical seal
Main applications Energy; Water;Industry and process engineering;Mining / Dredges;Waste water / sewage;Building services
Casing material Cast iron
Maximum discharge-side pressure 12 bar
Maximum drive rating 850 kW
Type of installation 00; Transportable;Stationary
Maximum flow rate 10. 080 m³/h
Minimum flow rate 0, 60 m³/h
Maximum speed of rotation 3. 500 1/min


EBARA              GRUNDFOS              KSB             WILO           TSURUMI


Tsurumi-NH-Submersible Wastewater Pumps



Tsurumi-NH-Submersible Wastewater Pumps

Tsurumi-NH-series is a cast iron made, submersible wastewater pump utilizing 2-pole
motor. This impeller is a shrouded two-channel impeller. Each channel is
designed to have a larger area and it enables the pump to be suitable for
pumping wastewater containing a certain size of solids. The pumps are available in six
motor sizes ranging from 1.5 to 7.5kW and available in either High-Head or High-Volume Type



• Draining wastewater from kitchen at a hotel, restaurant, and
hospital, etc.
• Drainage from factory, underground car park, and basement, etc.
• High-head pumping of wastewater containing solid matters







1. Anti-wicking Cable Entry

An anti-wicking block is provided at the cable entry
Tsurumi-NH-Cablesection of the motor chamber. Even if the cable jacket
becomes damaged or the tip of the cable is accidentally
immersed in water, this device prevents water from traveling
into the motor chamber through capillary action.

2. Motor Protector

A built-in thermal motor protection device reacts to the excessive heat
caused by overcurrent or run-dry conditions. It not only cuts off the
motor circuit automatically but also resets by itself. When the motor
cools down to a safe operating temperature, the motor restarts

3. Dual Inside Mechanical Seal

A mechanical seal with dual seal faces containing silicon carbide (SiC)
is equipped with the oil chamber. As both upper and lower sealing
faces are lubricated by the oil only, it ensures a longer life of the
product and a stable sealing effect.

4. Oil Lifter (Patented)

Tsurumi-NH-OilThe Oil Lifter is a lubricating device that forcibly lubricates the mechanical
seal. It further stabilizes the functions of the mechanical seal and
extends the life expectancy of the seal and also the maintenance term.

5. Air Release Valve

In order to prevent “air lock”, an air release valve is built in the pump
casing. The valve is similar to a ball check valve. When air goes
through the valve, the ball stays at the bottom, but when the pumped
water starts to flow, it closes the outlet by its buoyancy.

6. Seal Pressure Relief Port (5.5 & 7.5kW only)

A small chamber is provided between the oil seal and the shaft hole of
the pump casing, and this chamber is led to the outside by this hole.
With this device, the pumping pressure does not act on the mechanical
seal. The mechanical seal is protected from over rated limit.


Guide Rail Fitting System

The guide rail fitting system connects the pump to and
Tsurumi-NH-Guide railfrom the piping easily just by lowering and hoisting the
pump, allowing easy maintenance and inspection without
the need to enter the sump.
The TOS is the standard guide rail fitting system made of
cast iron and is compatible with cast iron pumps.


• Duckfoot Bend
• Guide Support
• Guide Hook
• Lifting Chain 5m (with Shackles)
• JIS 10kg/cm2 Flange


EBARA               GRUNDFOS                 WILO             TSURUMI


Tsurumi - BX submersible pump Explosion proof


Tsurumi – BX submersible pump Explosion proof

The BX-series is the explosion–proof type of the B-series and is available for operating in an area in which an explosive atmosphere occurs occasionally. The pump conforms to the relevant EU directives and is certified by ATEX II 2 G Ex d IIB T4 standard.



  1. Transferring sewage and wastewater to wastewater treatment plant
  2. Dewatering wastewater from industrial plant (e.g. petrochemical plant, etc)
  3. Pumping wastewater from collection sump where explosive atmosphere is likely to present



Tsurumi-BX Series-ImpellerFlame proof according to ATEX An impeller having a wide channel extending from inlet to exit,

which prevents internal clogging by

solids sucked in via the inlet.



Tsurumi BX-explosion-proof-sewage-pumpsElectric submersible pump
Explosion proof according to ATEX 94/9/EC
II 2G Ex d II B T4.
Channel impeller
Impeller passage 47mmx53mm
Suitable for waste water and liquids carrying
waste and solid matters


Electric Motor

Dry-type submersible induction motor,
Insulation class F, 4 poles, 1420 r.p.m.
Direct on line start
Voltage: 400V, 50Hz, 3-phase
Power input: 3,00kW
Power output: 2,30kW
Nominal current: 5,4A
Start current: 33,1A
Electric Cable
10m H07RN6GX1,5mm2
Motor Protection
Miniature protector in windings
(snap-action bi-metal device)
Shaft Seal
Double mechanical seal in oil bath
additional lubrication by oil lifting device
Primary Seal:
silicon carbide on silicon carbide
Secondary Seal:
ceramic on carbon



Shielded ball bearings, maintenance-free


ø Discharge bore mm

Pumping Fluid Temperature
Type of Fluid
Municipal sewage
Pump Compo- nents Impeller
Non-clog impeller
Shaft Seal
Double mechanical seal
Shielded ball bearings
Material Impeller
Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Suction Plate
Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Shaft Seal
Silicon carbide in oil bath
Motor Type, Poles
Induction motor, 2 poles, 
IP68, Induction motor, 4 poles, IP68
Turbine oil (ISO VG32)
Insulation class F
Motor Protector (built-in)
Circle thermal cut-out
Phase / Voltage
3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / d.o.l.
Material Casing
Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Stainless steel EN-X30Cr13
Rubber, 10m H07RN6G
Discharge Connection
Inside thread, JIS10K flange
Optional Accessories
Guide rail fitting "TOS" 
(guide support, duck foot bend,
 lifting chain)
/Bend and stand set for free standing types

 EBARA               GRUNDFOS              KSB         TSURUMI         WILO

Grundfos-Unilift CC - Submersible drainage pump




Grundfos-Unilift CC-modularThe Unilift CC is a single-stage submersible drainage pump, designed for the pumping of drain water and grey wastewater. The Unilift CC can pump down to a water level of 3 mm above the floor by removing the strainer. The Unilift CC is suitable for permanent as well as temporary installation. The Unilift CC is fitted with a non-return flap valve in the outlet in order to prevent backflow from the piping system. An adaptor ensures good connections to 3/4”, 1” or 1 1/4” outlets.

The strainer is made of stainless steel, while the main pump parts, e.g. the sleeve and pump housing, are made of moulded composite materials.

The Multibox B-CC7 is an Unilift CC combined with further elements such as a hose with Storz coupling, an adaptor for threaded Storz coupling and a box with perforated-mesh sides to be used as a pre-strainer for the pump. It is the perfect solution for use as an emergency kit for single family houses in the event of flooding.



The Unilift CC is designed for the pumping of the following:

  • Water and rainwater in horticulture
  • Water from rivers and lakes
  • Rainwater, drainage water and water from flooding
  • Water for filling/emptying containers, ponds, tanks, etc.
  • Effluents from showers, washing machines and sinks below sewer level
  • Pool water
  • Ditch drainage water
  • Groundwater (lowering applications)
  • Effluents from viaducts, underpasses, etc.
  • Drainage water from garage sprinkler systems.

 Grundfos Unilift-CC-Curves

Features and benefits

  • Composite materials
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • Self-venting valve in handle
  • Available with level switch
  • Suitable for low suction levels
  • Light-weight.








EBARA            GRUNDFOS            KSB            WILO          TSURUMI

Ebara - DF - Submersible Sewage Non-clog Pumps



Ebara – DF Submersible Sewage Pumps 

Ebara-DF-Drawing copySubmersible sewage pump withnon-clog semi open impeller, with “cutting effect”, to prevent clogging by fibrou s matter. Suitable for sewage, waste water, led lighting storm water drainage, etc. 










 Performance curves



Robust cast iron construction with non-clog semi open impeller.  Suitable for:

  • Waste water
  • Treated water
  • Effluent
  • Storm water
  • Municipal or industrial drainage
  • Fountains and water displays


Ebara Submersible pump with non-clog
semi open impeller
˜ Maximum solids handling: refer to table

Motor Output: 1.5 to 3.7 kW (3ph) Manual only
Outlet Size: 65 to 80 mm
Flow Rates: 100 to 1200 lpm
Head: 3 to 18 m
Max Liquid temp: 40oC
Max. immersion: 8m
Max. solids: 40 or 46 mm#
# depending on model


Pump casing: Cast Iron
˜ Impeller: Cast Iron
˜ Suction cover: Cast Iron
˜ Shaft: 403 Stainless Steel
˜ Motor frame: Cast Iron
˜ Fasteners: 304 Stainless Steel
˜ Mechanical seal:

˜ Air filled, dry submersible, 4 pole, 50 Hz
˜ Insulation class F
˜ IP68 protection
˜ 3 Phase – 400 Volt
˜ In built overload protection


EBARA            GRUNDFOS             KSB            WILO           TSURUMI

Tsurumi - SFQ Series Corrosion resistant pumps




Tsurumi – SFQ Series



Tsurumi corrosion resistant pumps are available in 316 or 304 stainless steel (SFQ Series, SQ Series) as well as titanium (TM Series). Featuring semi-vortex, vortex, and semi-open impellers, our solidly engineered pumps can endure the corrosive forces of your toughest applications


Dimensions in mm:



Stainless steel pump – The SFQ pump has been developed exclusively for corrosive liquids. Applying austenitic steel in all wetted parts, the SFQ pump is a highly specialised pump in terms of design and materials


Performance curves












ø Discharge bore mm 50mm, 80mm
Pumping Fluid Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Aggressive sewage
Pump Compo- nents Impeller Open type impeller
Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal
Bearings Shielded ball bearings
Material Impeller Stainless steel casting DIN GX5CrNiMo19-11-2
Casing Stainless steel casting DIN GX5CrNiMo19-11-2
Suction Plate Stainless steel casting DIN GX5CrNiMo19-11-2
Shaft Seal Silicon carbide in oil bath
Motor Type, Poles Induction motor, 2 poles, IP68
Lubrication Turbine oil (ISO VG32)
Insulation Insulation class E, Insulation class F
Motor Protector (built-in) Circle thermal cut-out
Phase / Voltage 3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / d.o.l., 3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / s.d.
Material Casing Stainless steel casting DIN GX5CrNiMo19-11-2
Shaft Stainless steel EN-X5CrNiMo17-12-2
Cable Rubber, 10m H07RN-F
Discharge Connection Inside thread, JIS10K flange

Dimensions – guide rail fitting type in mm





















EBARA            GRUNDFOS             KSB            WILO           TSURUMI


Tsurumi-PN Series The main components of the PN Pump are made of 304 stainless-steel and composite resin materials


Tsurumi-PN Series

Tsurumi PNThe main components of the PN Pump are made of 304 stainless-steel and composite resin materials, making this an ultra-lightweight pump.

Suitable for effluent applications where large solids are not likely to exist.

Automatic and auto-alternating versions are available in all sizes






Tsurumi-PN Series Features


Tsurumi PN-ModularWatertight Cable Entrance with Anti-wicking block.

Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings rated B-10 60,000 hours.

Built in motor protection

Continuous duty air filled copper wound highly efficient motor.

Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Motor Casing.

Dual inside mechanical with Silicon Carbide vs. Ceramic bottom faces.

Ball type air Relief valve

Solids handling semi-vortex impeller

Available Automatic Operation (PNA) / Auto Alternating (PNW)
























230/460 9 5/8 14 15/16 16
PN 50PN2.25S 2 Single


115/230 9 5/8 14 15/16 17
PN 50PN2.4 2 Three 1/2 230/460 9 5/8 15 1/4 18
PN 50PN2.4S 2 Single 1/2 115/230 9 5/8 15 1/4 19
PN 50PN2.75 2 Three 1 230/460 9 5/8 15 7/8 22
PN 50PN2.75S 2 Single 1 115/230 9 5/8 15 7/8 24
PN 80PN21.5 3 Three 2 230/460 11 5/8 17 1/8 35
PN 80PN22.2 3 Three 3 208-220/460/575 8 3/8 22 49
PN 80PN23.7 3 Three 5 208-220/460/575 8 3/8 23 3/8 60
PNA 50PNA2.25 2 Three 1/3 230/460 9 5/8 14 15/16 17
PNA 50PNA2.25S 2 Single 1/3 115/230 9 5/8 14 15/16 18
PNA 50PNA2.4 2 Three 1/2 230/460 9 5/8 15 1/4 18
PNA 50PNA2.4S 2 Single 1/2 115/230 9 5/8 15 1/4 20
PNA 50PNA2.75 2 Three 1 230/460 9 5/8 15 7/8 23
PNA 50PNA2.75S 2 Single 1 115/230 9 5/8 15 7/8 25
PNA 80PNA21.5 3 Three 2 230/460 11 5/8 17 1/8 36
PNA 80PNA22.2 3 Three 3 208-220/460/575 8 3/8 28 1/4 51
PNA 80PNA23.7 3 Three 5 208-220/460/575 8 3/8 29 5/8 62
PNW 50PNW2.25 2 Three 1/3 230/460 9 5/8 14 15/16 17
PNW 50PNW2.25S 2 Single 1/3 115/230 9 5/8 14 15/16 19
PNW 50PNW2.4 2 Three 1/2 230/460 9 5/8 15 1/4 19
PNW 50PNW2.4S 2 Single 1/2 115/230 9 5/8 15 1/4 20
PNW 50PNW2.75 2 Three 1 230/460 9 5/8 15 7/8 23
PNW 50PNW2.75S 2 Single 1 115/230 9 5/8 15 7/8 25
PNW 80PNW21.5 3 Three 2 230/460 11 5/8 17 1/8 37
PNW 80PNW22.2 3 Three 3 208-220/460/575 8 3/8 28 1/4 51
PNW 80PNW23.7 3 Three 5 208-220/460/575 8 3/8 29 5/8 62


EBARA            GRUNDFOS             KSB            WILO           TSURUMI

Grundfos - SQ Ground water supply-private housing, small waterworks, small irrigation systems




Grundfos-sq-sqeThe Grundfos SQ 3″ submersible pumps offer a wide performance range, making it easy to find a model that will suit your individual requirements.

The Grundfos SQ is a compact, 3″ multistage centrifugal pump that can be installed in a borehole no larger than the pump itself. With their built-in electronics, SQ pumps are very easy to install and operate. They guarantee a reliable water supply at all times.

Equipped with permanent magnet motors, these flexible and compact pumps offer excellent efficiency levels and will supply pump heads up to 200 m.

If the SQ pump is connected to the Grundfos CU 301 control box, it enables the creation of a constant pressure water supply.





SQ/SQE pumps are suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation for a variety of applications:

  • Ground water supply – private housing, small waterworks, small irrigation systems
  • Liquid transfer in tanks
  • grundfos_sqe_320Pressure boosting
  • Environmental applications – remedial pumping or sampling
  • Garages and petrol stations.







Features and benefits

  • Grundfos-sq-CurvesDry-running protection
  • Permanent magnet motor with high efficiency
  • Wear resistance from floating impellers
  • Protection against upthrust
  • High flow velocity
  • Soft-starts reduce wear on motor
  • Over- and under-voltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over-temperature protection.






Additional features of the SQE

  • Variable motor speed controls (with connection to the CU 301)
  • Connection to the CU 301 for two-way communication.


EBARA            GRUNDFOS             KSB            WILO           TSURUMI

KSB Amacan K - Submersible motor pump with non-clogging impeller




KSB-Amacan K-ModularKSB Amacan K – Wet-installed submersible motor pump with non-clogging impeller, singlestage, single-entry, for installation in discharge tubes, explosion protection to ATEX II G2 T3.











Handling of pre-cleaned, chemically neutral waste water, industrial effluents and sewage, fluids not containing any stringy substances pre-treated by screens and sills, as waste water, mixed water and activated sludge pump in effluent treatment plants, irrigation and drainage pumping systems.


KSB-Amacan K-instThe fluid enters the pump axially via the inlet of the pump casing (1) and is
accelerated outward in a radial flow by the rotating impeller (2). The required energy
is transmitted from the electric motor (7) to the impeller (2) via the shaft (4). In the
pump casing (11) the kinetic energy of the fluid is converted into pressure energy.
The rotational movement diverts the fluid flow in axial direction. The casing wear
ring (12) prevents any fluid from flowing back from the casing into the inlet of the
pump casing. At the rear side of the impeller, the shaft enters the casing via the
discharge cover (3). The shaft passage through the discharge cover is sealed towards
the fluid by a shaft seal (10). The shaft runs in rolling element bearings (5 and 8),
which are supported by a bearing housing (9) and a bearing bracket (6).




KSB-Amacan K-Diagram Temperature monitoring of the motor
▪ Temperature monitoring at the lower bearing
▪ Leakage monitoring of the mechanical seal system
▪ Leakage sensors in the motor/connection space





 Flamepaths for explosion-proof motors

KSB-Amacan K-Explosion proof











Overview of technical data

Type of bearing Rolling element bearings
Casing partition Radially split
Drive Electric motor
Drive frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Type of drive Electric motor
Drive voltage Low voltage
Connection to power supply 380 V, 400 V, 690 V, 3~
Explosion protection ATEX II 2G T3
No. of impeller entries Single entry
Impeller material (EN standard) 9. 4460;JL 1040
Type of installation Close- coupled
Type of coupling None
Type of lubrication Grease lubrication
Max. permissible fluid temperature 40 °C
Nozzle position In- line
Pump set location Wet well
Shaft material (EN standard) 1. 4021QT700;C45+N;1.4057
Suction characteristics Non- priming
Type of casing Tubular casing
Type of impeller Multi- vane impeller;Radial;Closed
Casing material (EN standard) JL 1040
eClass assignment 36410103; 36410100;36410000
Free passage 180 mm
Maximum head 30, 00 m
Minimum head 1, 00 m
Installation position Vertical
Shaft seal type Mechanical seal
Main applications Water; Waste water / sewage;Mining / Dredges
Casing material Cast iron
Maximum drive rating 320 kW
Type of installation Stationary
Maximum flow rate 7. 200 m³/h
Minimum flow rate 140 m³/h
Maximum speed of rotation 1. 200 1/min


EBARA              GRUNDFOS               KSB              WILO             TSURUMI

Wilo-EMU 6" For potable water supply / general water supply from boreholes and rainwater storage




Wilo Emu 6″ Submersible pump in sectional construction



Submersible-motor pump for vertical or horizontal installation.



Multistage submersible-motor pump with radial hydraulics. Housing parts made of NiAl‐Bz, impellers made of Noryl. Pressure connection as threaded connection, with integrated non-return valve.



Three-phase motor for direct and star-delta start Sealed, hermetically cast motor with enamel-insulated winding, resin-impregnated (NU 4…, NU 5…) or rewindable motor with PVC‐insulated winding (NU 611). Motor shroud made of stainless steel, A2/A4 quality.

Pump connection as standard NEMA connection. Sealing of motor shaft achieved through the use of a rotary shaft seal (NU 4…) or mechanical seal made of solid silicon carbide material.

Self-lubricating motor bearing. Motors in the NU 4…- and NU 5… series are filled with a water‐glycol mixture, motors in the NU 611 series are filled with a water-glycerine mixture. Alternatively, NU 611… series motors can be filled with potable water (T‐version). Frequency converter operation is permitted (SF 1.1).



The motor is cooled by the fluid. The motor must always be operated in submerged state. The limit values for the max. fluid temperature and the minimum flow rate must not be exceeded. Vertical installation is possible optionally with or without cooling jacket. For horizontal installation, bearing brackets must be used for reinforcement of the unit. A cooling jacket may be used to improve the inlet flow.


Pressure shroud

The pressure shroud is used for direct installation of the unit in the pipe system. Standard models are without mounted non-return valves. The maximum inlet pressure is 10 bar.



  • Wilo-EMU_6-AppupFor potable water supply / general water supply from boreholes and rainwater storage
  • Process water supply
  • Municipal water supply
  • Sprinkling and irrigation
  • Pressure boosting
  • Pumping water in industrial applications and water control
  • Operation of fountains
  • For pumping water without long-fibre and abrasive constituents






Type key

Example: Wilo-EMU NK 63-17 + NU 611-2/15
Hydraulics: NK 63-17
NK Hydraulics
6 Diameter of the hydraulic unit in inches [“]
3 Size
17 Number of hydraulic stages
Motor: NU 611-2/15
NU Submersible motor
611 Size (4… = 4″, 5…, 611 = 6″)
2 Number of poles
15 nominal power


Special features/product advantages

  • Wilo-EMU_6-AppPumping water from great depths
  • Corrosion-free and wear-resistant due to housing made of NiAl‐Bz and impellers made of Noryl
  • Integrated non-return valve
  • Cast and rewindable motors
  • Vertical and horizontal installation possible (depending on the number of stages)


Technical data

  • Mains connection: 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Immersed operating mode: S1
  • Max. fluid temperature: 30 °C, higher temperatures on request
  • Minimum motor flow:
    • NU 4… = 0.1 m/s
    • NU 5… = 0.16 m/s
    • NU 6… = 0.1 ‐ 0.5 m/s
  • Max. sand content: 35 g/m3
  • Max. number of starts: 20/h
  • Max. immersion depth:
    • NU 4…, NU 5…= 350 m
    • NU 611 = 100 m
  • MEI classification:
    • NK 62 = >0.4
    • NK 63 = >0.7
    • NK 64 = >0.1
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Control range for frequency converter: 30-50 Hz



  • Wilo-EMU_6-Curve
  • Multistage submersible-motor pump with radial impellers
  • Hydraulics and motor freely configurable according to power requirements
  • Integrated non-return valve
  • NEMA coupling
  • Three-phase motor for direct or star-delta starting
  • Hermetically cast motors
  • Rewindable motors



EBARA            GRUNDFOS             KSB            WILO           TSURUMI

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