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Process applications

Wilo - Series NFCH For pumping mineral or synthetic



Wilo – Series NFCH

Single-stage low-pressure centrifugal
pump mounted on a baseplate

Wilo NFCH-Dia


For pumping mineral or synthetic
heat carrying fluids up to 350 °C, e.g.:
in industrial processes or for power

Q max.

1,000 m³/h
H max.
90 m


Technical data

• Permissible temperature range up to
Wilo NFCH-diag+350 °C, dependent on max. operating
0 °C … 120 °C (16 bar)
120 °C … 300 °C (13 bar)
300 °C … 350 °C (16 bar)
• Nominal diameter on pressure side
DN 32 to DN 125
• Max. operating pressure PN 16





• Single-stage, horizontal centrifugal
pump with axial suction connection and
radial pressure upwards-facing pressure
• Dimensions and hydraulic output as
per EN 733
• Self-cooling design with double
temperature barrier allows the use of an
uncooled shaft seal, reducing heat loss.
• Standard mechanical seal corresponding
to heat carrier medium
• Version with or without spacer coupling
• 2 or 4-pole IEC standard motor 50 Hz
• Delivered as complete unit (pump,
coupling, coupling protection, motor
and baseplate) or without motor or only
pump with free shaft end


Special features

Impeller diameter is adjusted to the
dutypoint as appropriate
• 60 Hz or ATEX version on request


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Wilo-EMU 6" For potable water supply / general water supply from boreholes and rainwater storage




Wilo Emu 6″ Submersible pump in sectional construction



Submersible-motor pump for vertical or horizontal installation.



Multistage submersible-motor pump with radial hydraulics. Housing parts made of NiAl‐Bz, impellers made of Noryl. Pressure connection as threaded connection, with integrated non-return valve.



Three-phase motor for direct and star-delta start Sealed, hermetically cast motor with enamel-insulated winding, resin-impregnated (NU 4…, NU 5…) or rewindable motor with PVC‐insulated winding (NU 611). Motor shroud made of stainless steel, A2/A4 quality.

Pump connection as standard NEMA connection. Sealing of motor shaft achieved through the use of a rotary shaft seal (NU 4…) or mechanical seal made of solid silicon carbide material.

Self-lubricating motor bearing. Motors in the NU 4…- and NU 5… series are filled with a water‐glycol mixture, motors in the NU 611 series are filled with a water-glycerine mixture. Alternatively, NU 611… series motors can be filled with potable water (T‐version). Frequency converter operation is permitted (SF 1.1).



The motor is cooled by the fluid. The motor must always be operated in submerged state. The limit values for the max. fluid temperature and the minimum flow rate must not be exceeded. Vertical installation is possible optionally with or without cooling jacket. For horizontal installation, bearing brackets must be used for reinforcement of the unit. A cooling jacket may be used to improve the inlet flow.


Pressure shroud

The pressure shroud is used for direct installation of the unit in the pipe system. Standard models are without mounted non-return valves. The maximum inlet pressure is 10 bar.



  • Wilo-EMU_6-AppupFor potable water supply / general water supply from boreholes and rainwater storage
  • Process water supply
  • Municipal water supply
  • Sprinkling and irrigation
  • Pressure boosting
  • Pumping water in industrial applications and water control
  • Operation of fountains
  • For pumping water without long-fibre and abrasive constituents






Type key

Example: Wilo-EMU NK 63-17 + NU 611-2/15
Hydraulics: NK 63-17
NK Hydraulics
6 Diameter of the hydraulic unit in inches [“]
3 Size
17 Number of hydraulic stages
Motor: NU 611-2/15
NU Submersible motor
611 Size (4… = 4″, 5…, 611 = 6″)
2 Number of poles
15 nominal power


Special features/product advantages

  • Wilo-EMU_6-AppPumping water from great depths
  • Corrosion-free and wear-resistant due to housing made of NiAl‐Bz and impellers made of Noryl
  • Integrated non-return valve
  • Cast and rewindable motors
  • Vertical and horizontal installation possible (depending on the number of stages)


Technical data

  • Mains connection: 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Immersed operating mode: S1
  • Max. fluid temperature: 30 °C, higher temperatures on request
  • Minimum motor flow:
    • NU 4… = 0.1 m/s
    • NU 5… = 0.16 m/s
    • NU 6… = 0.1 ‐ 0.5 m/s
  • Max. sand content: 35 g/m3
  • Max. number of starts: 20/h
  • Max. immersion depth:
    • NU 4…, NU 5…= 350 m
    • NU 611 = 100 m
  • MEI classification:
    • NK 62 = >0.4
    • NK 63 = >0.7
    • NK 64 = >0.1
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Control range for frequency converter: 30-50 Hz



  • Wilo-EMU_6-Curve
  • Multistage submersible-motor pump with radial impellers
  • Hydraulics and motor freely configurable according to power requirements
  • Integrated non-return valve
  • NEMA coupling
  • Three-phase motor for direct or star-delta starting
  • Hermetically cast motors
  • Rewindable motors



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