Tsurumi - BX submersible pump Explosion proof


Tsurumi - BX submersible pump Explosion proof

The BX-series is the explosion–proof type of the B-series and is available for operating in an area in which an explosive atmosphere occurs occasionally. The pump conforms to the relevant EU directives and is certified by ATEX II 2 G Ex d IIB T4 standard.  


  1. Transferring sewage and wastewater to wastewater treatment plant
  2. Dewatering wastewater from industrial plant (e.g. petrochemical plant, etc)
  3. Pumping wastewater from collection sump where explosive atmosphere is likely to present


Tsurumi-BX Series-ImpellerFlame proof according to ATEX An impeller having a wide channel extending from inlet to exit, which prevents internal clogging by solids sucked in via the inlet.  


Tsurumi BX-explosion-proof-sewage-pumpsElectric submersible pump Explosion proof according to ATEX 94/9/EC II 2G Ex d II B T4. Channel impeller Impeller passage 47mmx53mm Suitable for waste water and liquids carrying waste and solid matters  

Electric Motor

Dry-type submersible induction motor, Insulation class F, 4 poles, 1420 r.p.m. Direct on line start Voltage: 400V, 50Hz, 3-phase Power input: 3,00kW Power output: 2,30kW Nominal current: 5,4A Start current: 33,1A Electric Cable 10m H07RN6GX1,5mm2 Motor Protection Miniature protector in windings (snap-action bi-metal device) Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal in oil bath additional lubrication by oil lifting device Primary Seal: silicon carbide on silicon carbide Secondary Seal: ceramic on carbon  


Shielded ball bearings, maintenance-free


ø Discharge bore mm

Pumping Fluid Temperature
Type of Fluid
Municipal sewage
Pump Compo- nents Impeller
Non-clog impeller
Shaft Seal
Double mechanical seal
Shielded ball bearings
Material Impeller
Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Suction Plate
Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Shaft Seal
Silicon carbide in oil bath
Motor Type, Poles
Induction motor, 2 poles, 
IP68, Induction motor, 4 poles, IP68
Turbine oil (ISO VG32)
Insulation class F
Motor Protector (built-in)
Circle thermal cut-out
Phase / Voltage
3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / d.o.l.
Material Casing
Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Stainless steel EN-X30Cr13
Rubber, 10m H07RN6G
Discharge Connection
Inside thread, JIS10K flange
Optional Accessories
Guide rail fitting "TOS" 
(guide support, duck foot bend,
 lifting chain)
/Bend and stand set for free standing types
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