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Ebara Pump

Ebara-CDX,CDXM- Centrifugal Stainless Steel Pumps

Ebara-CDX, CDXM Series

Stainless steel single impeller centrifugal pumps.
Featuring the one piece volute manufactured using
Ebara’s unique plasma stamping process.


˜ Single stage centrifugal pump, closed impeller.
˜ Maximum working pressure: 8 bar
˜ Maximum liquid temperature: 60 °C (for models 70/05-70/07-90/10)
~90 °C (for other models)


Ebara-CDX-Drawing˜ Pump casing: 304 Stainless Steel
˜ Impeller: 304 Stainless Steel
˜ Casing Cover: 304 Stainless Steel
Shaft: 303 Stainless Steel
˜ Bracket & Motor Frame: Aluminium
˜ Mechanical seal: Carbon/Ceramic/NBR
˜ (wetted part)

Motor Data

˜ TEFC, 2 pole, 50 Hz
˜ Insulation class F
˜ IP55 protection
˜ 1 Phase – 230 Volt
˜ 3 Phase – 230/400 Volt (dual voltage motors)
˜ In built overload protection for 1 Phase


˜ 25 mm Ø discharge
˜ 0.37 to 1.5 kW – 1 Phase
˜ 0.37 to 1.8 kW – 3 Phase
˜ 1.8 m cable with 3 pin plug (1 Phase models only)


˜ 1.8 m cable with 3 pin plug (1 Phase models only)


˜ High temperature seal (110 °C)
(Carbon/Ceramic/Viton seal, Viton O’ Rings)
˜ Hard faced seal (SiC/SiC/Viton seal, Viton O’ Rings)

Performance Curve

3000 rpm

Water temp:
20 °C

of test :
ISO 9906
Annex A

Model Code

CDXM 120/12
Motor Size
Nominal Capacity
(70,90,120 or 200 lpm)
Model CDX = 3 Phase
CDXM = 1 Phase
(M ~ Monophase)


EBARA              GRUNDFOS              KSB             WILO           TSURUMI






• Irrigation
• Drainage
• General purpose





• No priming is required except for initial use
• Special design of casing provides very rapid priming for extended piping
• Maintenance is facilitated due to packing type
• Water mixed with a little sand or mud can be pumped up due to semi-open impeller design
• Easy installation with engine for belt driven due to c.c.w rotation




Impeller type:

Impeller SQPB














LiquidTemperaturesReg. NPSHRotation










Stuffing box


Fresh water, river water, rain water0~40°C4mCounter clockwise when viewed from drive end




Cast iron Bronze

Cast iron Bronze

Carbon steel Stainless steel





Sealed ball bearing

Sea water 







Stainless steel


Ebara-SQPB for sea water

SQPB-Sea water











 EBARA               GRUNDFOS              KSB         TSURUMI         WILO


EBARA-UD-Pressure Booster Unit



1. Domestic : High-rise buildings, Condominiums, Apartments etc.
2. Commercial : Office buildings, Hotel, Shopping centres etc.
3. Industrial : High-rise factory, Manufacturing & processing industries applications etc.
4. Social service : School, Hospitals etc.



1. All components are integrated on a rugged steel base. It is ready for use by only connecting with
supply piping and to the power source.
2. Layout is very compact and much lighter than conventional units. It occupies lesser space and requires
easier installation than conventional units.
3. The flow control system which prevent frequent start and stop of pumps, requires small hydropneumatic
pressure tank and ensures constant fresh water supply
4. Pumps are in parallel operation for high demand and alternating in low demand, suitable for energy

Booster Ebara FSA


Step 1) both pumps are stopped when water tank is fully charged. In
this condition water is supplied from the pressure tank and
water pressure in tank gradually decreases.
Step 2) No. 1 pump start at pressure P1 (point 1) and water supplied
from pump and pressure tank.
Step 3) When more water is required and water pressure decreases to
P2 (point 2), no. 2 pump also starts, operation point shifts to
point 3 and system shifts to parallel operation.
Step 4) When water consumption decreases, water pressure in tank
increase and when pressure reaches P3 (point 4) no. 2 pump
is stopped and operation point shifts to point 5.
Step 5) when water consumption further decreases, water pressure in
tank increases and pressure switch is turned off and the flow
switch used to detect small flow is turned off. When both
pressure and flow switch are off, no. 1 pump stops (point 6).
Flow switch setting point is at small capacity point; therefore
pump continuous operation range is much wider. Accordingly
pump start frequency is greatly decreased



Ebara-UDP-FSA Bosster UnitDescription Standard Optional

Liquid handled property Fresh water, 0 – 40 0C
Installation Indoor Outdoor
Operation system
Pump speed Constant
Control Control with pressure switch & flow switch
Mode Parallel or alternate running
Power source AC, 3 phase, 50Hz, 380V AC,1 phase, 50Hz, 220V
(refer to model)
Max. working pressure 6 – 10 kg/cm2
Allowable suction head Min.: -0.3 kg/cm2, Max.: Refer to model
Pump model CDX, 2CDX, 3S and FSA
Control panel
Starting method DOL (Up to 5.5 kW) or Star-Delta (5.5 to 15 kW)
Construction Dust proof type
Operation key Touch panel key type
Pressure tank
Construction Air pre-charged diaphragm type
Capacity 18 to 60 litre



EBARA              GRUNDFOS              KSB             WILO           TSURUMI

Ebara- DMLV-DMLVF- Submersible Sewage Pump with Vortex Impeller




in cast iron


• Evacuation of civil and industrial waste waters
• Treating liquid manure
• Draining sub-layer zones
• Generally moving foul waste liquids also containing solid substances
and/or suspended filamentary substances
• Emptying seepage water
• Moving sewage (sanitary services)
• Emptying cesspitsTECHNICAL DETAILS
• Equipped with vortex impeller
• Shaft seal upper and lower part (DMLV)
• Turbolence less in oil chamber (DMLV)


DMLV-Dim• Maximum temperature of the liquid: 40°C
• Max solids size for passage: 80÷100mm (DMLV)
• Max solids size for passage: 30÷100mm (DMLVF)
• Max fibers length: 400mm (80DMLV) 500mm (100DMLV)
• Flanges: DN80, DN100 (DMLV)
1”1/4 (32DMLVF), DN50, DN55, DN65, DN80,
DN100, DN150 (DMLVF)


• Air filled dry submersible 4 poles motor (DMLV)
Air filled dry submersible 2/4/6 poles motor (DMLVF)
• Insulation class F (DML )
• Insulation class H (DMLVF)
• Protection degree IP68
• 380-415-10+6%, 50Hz (DMLV 2,2 kW) threephase voltage
380-415±10%, 50Hz (DML 3,7÷22 kW) threephase voltage
230±10%, 50Hz (DMLVF) singlephase voltage
400/690V±10%, 50Hz (DMLVF) threephase voltage
• Power up to 22kW (DMLV)
up to 35,7 kW (DMLVF)


• Pump casing, vortex impeller, elbow in cast iron
• Shaft in AISI 403 (DMLV) and AISI 420B (DMLVF)
• Mechanical seal: SiC/SiC/NBR (pump side) (DMLV)
Carbon/Ceramic/NBR (motor side)(DMLVF)
Carbon/Ceramic/NBR (pump side)(32DMLVF)
SiC/SiC/NBR (pump side) (DMLVF except 32DMLVF)
Carbon/ Ceramic/NBR (motor side)(DMLVF4.6kW and above)
EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI

Ebara- 2GPE 3M Industrial booster sets

Ebara- 2GPE 3M Industrial booster sets 


Ebara_2gpe-3m-dimentionThe base of the group is in galvanised steel as are the manifolds. The discharge manifold is set-up to gather any two vertical type membrane reservoirs. Two pressure switches, the electric control panel and a pressure gauge are mounted on it. On suction, each electric pump has
an isolating valve and a non-return valve, with the possibility of connection to an air supply unit and has another isolating valve in discharge mode. The electric control panel is sustained by a relevant support fixed to the base.
The control panels control pump number one at variable speeds and automatically start any other pumps, allowing to adjust system pressure on constant values. These particulars allow to increase the level of comfort, minimise management costs and reduce all air pre-load
accumulation reservoirs to a minimum.
The typical applications of the GPE range pressure boosters with control panels are:
• Water provisioning for condominium, school, hotel hospital distribution networks etc.
• Water provisioning for industry in general
• Irrigation of gardens, parks and sports fields


Ebara_2gpe-3m-Curves• Functioning with PRESSURE-CONTROLLER: the unit responds to the control of the pressure transducer and the speed control via the pump number one inverter, maintaining the system pressure constant
• Double functioning possibility of every pump in AUTOMATIC, MANUAL OR pump EXCLUDED mode
• Pump motors protection against overloads, missing phase over/under voltage
• Pump protection against dry running
• Inverter protection against phase breakdowns, under/over voltage, earth faults, environment overheating
• Functioning of pump number one at variable speed via the inverter; automatic start-up via electro-mechanical contactors of the other pumps
• Automatic switch-over of functioning of pump number one and any other pumps, via electro-mechanical contactors and pressure switches, if the inverter should block
• Automatic switch-over every 24 hours of the powered pumps start-up order via electro-mechanical contactors



EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI


Ebara-GP-GPE Pressure booster units



use of the same.
N.B. By connecting a float or minimum pressure pressure switch to
the control panel (whether for withdrawal from the primary
collection reservoir or from the hydraulic circuit), the most frequent
cause of electric pump breakdown is prevented: the lack of water at




The GPE unit is designed to function with a pump governed by a
frequency converter “INVERTER” inserted into the electric control
panel and the others with direct intervention.
This unit, thus constructed, allows to maintain constant pressure in
the water network.
On variation of the network pressure, the INVERTER governed pump
varies its own rotation speed, stating the pressure of the set value.
Whenever the water withdrawal should exceed the pump flow rate,
the second pump intervenes directly and, in the meantime, that
governed by the INVERTER goes into regulation mode in order to
keep the water pressure at the set value. This takes place for all of
the pumps making up the unit.
When the withdrawal has been closed, the pump governed by the
INVERTER reaches the minimum rotation value and, after a few
minutes, stops allowing to obtain a large energy saving.
It is possible to have various versions of the GPE units:
• With an individual INVERTER, which governs just one pump, but
different from the previous start-up (Standard EFC Version).
• With multi-inverter, where every pump is controlled by an inverter
(MFC versions and HERTZ TWIN versions).
Contolling a unit via SP EFC control panels
The SP EFC for controlling units with several pumps envision
powering the pump n°1 via inverter in order to modulate
performance of the system depending on the reference signal,
while the other electric pumps are made to work at maximum
nominal speed (about 2900 min-1) wi th inser t ion and
disconnection in sequence on variation of the request.
This implies the presence of two distinct primary electric
1st- pump start-up via inverter, 2nd- start-up (direct of deltatriangle)
of the other pumps, by contactors.
The system is governed by the “SYSTEM CONTROLLER” control
unit on the basis of the reference signal, which derives from a
pressure transmitter, flow rate measuring device or other
unified control signal (4÷20 mA passive).
• In the case of water distribution with constant start pressure
(Fig.1) , the cont rol uni t i s connected to the pres sure
transmitter positioned in the discharge manifold of the unit
that will send a proportional signal to the network pressure.
The lower ing of the network pressure, fol lowing water
withdrawal, causes a reduction of the pressure transmitter
signal, which, via the control unit, will control start-up, via
inverter, of the first pump regulating its speed in a way to reestablish
the reference/work pressure. If the flow rate of the
pump is lower than that requested, the network pressure will
tend to decrease and the system will react by increasing the
pump rotation speed. Once the maximum speed of pump n°1



Ebara-GPE-Curves_1If the public water distribution system is inexistent or insufficient for
correct functioning of the utilities, it is necessary to install a
pressure boosting unit in order to guarantee an acceptable pressure
and amount of water also in the most unfavourable points of use.
The pressure boosting unit is applied every time the pressure must
be increases or where the mains water must be pressurised.
The GPs, EBARA pressure boosting units, are small automatic
systems with 2 or more pumps in parallel, studied and realised
s imply and rel iably to sat i s fy the mos t recur rent pres sure
maintenance requests in the water supply of condominiums, hotels,
centres, offices, schools, auxiliary services in the industrial and
agricultural ambit. They are distinguished for the construction
strength, compactness, high efficiency and silence.
The GP units are set-up for the membrane autoclaves or air pocket
Start-up of the individual pumps is caused by the activation of
pressure switches, appropriately calibrated via an electric control
panel. In the units controlled with electric control panel with
INVERTER, as well as pressure switches, one of the pumps is started
via the calibration of a pressure transducer.


Ebara-Gpe-manualIf water is requested, this is initially withdrawn from the autoclave
reservoir, whenever the system is provided.
This consumption of water or, however, the escape of water from
the system, with pumps off, determines the lowering of the
pressure to a value such to trip the closure of the pressure switch
contact with higher calibration, which determines the ignition of
the first electric pump.
If the outlet discharge exceeds the flow rate of a pump, the
pressure continues to drop until it causes the closure of the contact
of the second pressure switch and the start-up of the second pump.
This takes place for all of the electric pumps that make up the unit.
The end of the distribution of the reduction of the outlet discharge
leads to the pressure in the system rising, with opening of the
pressure switch contacts and staggered pumps stops. The inversion
of the ignition order of the motors reduces the number of hourly
start-ups of the individual pumps and consequently a homogenous


EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI

Ebara-CNA Horizontal Split Case Pumps





A very compact and robust design range of pumps, suitable for many


  • Industrial, municipal, commercial & agricultural
  • Water supply
  • Hot or cold water circulation
  • Irrigation
  • Cooling towers
  • Drainage


Materials: Cast iron casing, bronze impeller, 316 SS shaft
Shaft seal: Mechanical seal (optional gland packing)
Power used: up to 425 kW
Flow rates: 0.6 to 35 m3/min
Head: 5 to 140m
Outlet size: 100 to 350 mm


EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI

Ebara-Booster System-2GPE HVM


Ebara-Booster System-2GPE HVM

Ebara-2GP-HVM-booster-nasos-stanciyaDomestic booster sets


The base of the group is in galvanised steel as are the manifolds. The discharge manifold is set-up to gather any two vertical type membrane reservoirs. Two pressure switches, the electric control panel and a pressure gauge are mounted on it. On suction, each electric pump has

an isolating valve and a non-return valve, with the possibility of connection to an air supply unit and has another isolating valve in discharge mode.


The HERTZ TWIN control panel is an automatic control and protection system for two centrifugal pumps equipped with three phase induction motor. The control panel power supply can be three phase or single phase. The HERTZ TWIN control panels include a pump control software and allow regulation of motor speed via an electronic frequency changer (Inverter) that powers the pump motor. On varying the rotation speed, the pump performance varies in terms of flow rate and head, allowing optimal use in every condition and saving energy.


• Energy saving because the controller modulates the pump according to the hydraulic energy request of the plant with respect to a direct connection in the network
• Improved and quicker regulation
• Hammering reduced thanks to gradual start-up and stop
• Improved comfort in the heating, air conditioning and pressure boosting systems
• Reduced peak current
• Exchange at every powered pump re-start
• Speed modulation on both pumps for excellent regulation
The typical applications of the GPE range pressure boosters with controlpanels are:
• Water provisioning for condominium, school, hotel hospital distribution networks etc.
• Water provisioning for industry in general
• Irrigation of gardens, parks and sports centresFor the technical details of HVM pump please the related technical data sheet.
EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI

Ebara-MSS/MSSH Ring Section Pumps


MSS/MSSH Ring Section Pumps

EBARA_MSS_MSSHMSS/MSSH series pumps are horizontal ,single casing, ring section, multistage structure. With simplified construction, MSS/MSSH can be highly efficient and reliable.


Boiler feed Processing water supply City high pressure water supply


Flow (Q): to 324 m3/h
Maximum allowable operation pressure : to 10MPa.G
Maximum allowable suction pressure: 2.45MPa.G
Temperature range: to 165℃
Applicable transportation medium specific gravity :0.8 and above.




Radially Split Casing
Between Bearing
Wide high efficiency region:
High efficiency and reliability :
Simple structure ,easy maintenance :
Compact ,low -cost : optimized design ,
Short manufacturing term : standardized production




EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI

EBARA - HP - Hydro Pneumatic Booster System



EBARA Hydro Pneumatic Booster System

Ebara-HP-booster_1Factory assembled water supply unit with 2 to 5 pumps parallel arranged, mounted on common base frame with common suction and discharge headers.

EBARA Hydro-pneumatic booster system uses EBARA stainless steel pumps with one or more pressure tanks mounted on a common skid consisting of valves and manifolds. Custom made electrical control panel is designed and built to highest standard, interconnected with pump motor and control devices to ensure automatic booster operation. Just connect to your water source and outlet, the EBARA booster system will automatically regulated to suit your demand conditions satisfactorily, at all time.






EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI

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