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Grundfos-Unilift CC - Submersible drainage pump




Grundfos-Unilift CC-modularThe Unilift CC is a single-stage submersible drainage pump, designed for the pumping of drain water and grey wastewater. The Unilift CC can pump down to a water level of 3 mm above the floor by removing the strainer. The Unilift CC is suitable for permanent as well as temporary installation. The Unilift CC is fitted with a non-return flap valve in the outlet in order to prevent backflow from the piping system. An adaptor ensures good connections to 3/4”, 1” or 1 1/4” outlets.

The strainer is made of stainless steel, while the main pump parts, e.g. the sleeve and pump housing, are made of moulded composite materials.

The Multibox B-CC7 is an Unilift CC combined with further elements such as a hose with Storz coupling, an adaptor for threaded Storz coupling and a box with perforated-mesh sides to be used as a pre-strainer for the pump. It is the perfect solution for use as an emergency kit for single family houses in the event of flooding.



The Unilift CC is designed for the pumping of the following:

  • Water and rainwater in horticulture
  • Water from rivers and lakes
  • Rainwater, drainage water and water from flooding
  • Water for filling/emptying containers, ponds, tanks, etc.
  • Effluents from showers, washing machines and sinks below sewer level
  • Pool water
  • Ditch drainage water
  • Groundwater (lowering applications)
  • Effluents from viaducts, underpasses, etc.
  • Drainage water from garage sprinkler systems.

 Grundfos Unilift-CC-Curves

Features and benefits

  • Composite materials
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • Self-venting valve in handle
  • Available with level switch
  • Suitable for low suction levels
  • Light-weight.








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Grundfos Multi-R Booster set pump with variable Speed System


Grundfos Multi-R Booster set with variable Speed System

Provides Variable Speed Pumping Station

Grundfos-InverterGrundfos R-series inverters are simple
yet smart to operate as a Variable speed
system controller and frequency





Simple operation by setting the
Grundfos-Pressure valupoperating pressure (set point) at SV via
the up/down arrow button. The
measured pressure display at the PV
(pressure value)








Pressure boosting system for residential, public
restroom, multi-storey buildings & other
Irrigation of green field, golf courses, parks,
agricultural plantations, etc
Water supply systems for the food industry
Systems for petrochemical, metal industries &

Grundfos Multi-R variable speed system is
Grundfos-CR-modulardesigned to operate in parallel with two to
four Grundfos vertical multistage centrifugal
pumps CR as standard via Grundfos R-series
variable speed drives installed at the control



Optional operation with other Grundfos pumps is
applicable. Please refer to Grundfos for further


Pressure boosting system for residential, public
restroom, multi-storey buildings & other
Irrigation of green field, golf courses, parks,
agricultural plantations, etc
Water supply systems for the food industry
Systems for petrochemical, metal industries &


1. Variable Speed

  •  Constant pressure enables comfort water usage
  •  Eliminate water hammering that damages equipment installed at the pipeline
  •  Less operating noise

2. Compact and lighter

  • System with smaller tank can be installed at smaller place
  • Easy for installation and logistic

3. Built in protection in Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

  •  The VSD is equipped with protection against
  • Over current, Over Voltage, Motor Overload,
  • Under Voltage during operation, Ground fault, Sensor fault, low flow and High
  • pressure limit as standard without additional components

4. User friendly

  • Setting and adjustment of pressure is much easier by just pressing up or down
  • Pressure display is applicable at the panel keypad
  • Lead lag and timer change over feature built in Multi-R controller

5. Solutions

  • Competitive price for a simple full variable speed system
  • Complete booster pump package from pump manufacturer



Operating voltage:

3 phase + Neutral 380 to 415VAC 50Hz
(0.75kW to 315kW)

Input HZ tolerance:
+/- 5%

System enclosure class:
IP54 outdoor used applicable as optional

Pumps used:
2 to 4 pumps Grundfos Vertical Multistage CR
model as standard
Other Grundfos pumps applicable as optional

Motor used:
Grundfos MG motor Efficiency1 for up to
Grundfos approved brand for 11kW and

Standard manifold material:
Galvanized Iron

  • Optional materials applicable are Stainless steel

SS304 (1.4301), Stainless steel 316 (1.4401) and ABS

Manifold connection standard:

Din flange PN16 for 3” and above

Din flange PN25/40 for higher pressure
BSP threaded for up to 2 ½”
Other connection applicable as optional


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Grundfos - SQ Ground water supply-private housing, small waterworks, small irrigation systems




Grundfos-sq-sqeThe Grundfos SQ 3″ submersible pumps offer a wide performance range, making it easy to find a model that will suit your individual requirements.

The Grundfos SQ is a compact, 3″ multistage centrifugal pump that can be installed in a borehole no larger than the pump itself. With their built-in electronics, SQ pumps are very easy to install and operate. They guarantee a reliable water supply at all times.

Equipped with permanent magnet motors, these flexible and compact pumps offer excellent efficiency levels and will supply pump heads up to 200 m.

If the SQ pump is connected to the Grundfos CU 301 control box, it enables the creation of a constant pressure water supply.





SQ/SQE pumps are suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation for a variety of applications:

  • Ground water supply – private housing, small waterworks, small irrigation systems
  • Liquid transfer in tanks
  • grundfos_sqe_320Pressure boosting
  • Environmental applications – remedial pumping or sampling
  • Garages and petrol stations.







Features and benefits

  • Grundfos-sq-CurvesDry-running protection
  • Permanent magnet motor with high efficiency
  • Wear resistance from floating impellers
  • Protection against upthrust
  • High flow velocity
  • Soft-starts reduce wear on motor
  • Over- and under-voltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over-temperature protection.






Additional features of the SQE

  • Variable motor speed controls (with connection to the CU 301)
  • Connection to the CU 301 for two-way communication.


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Grundfos-SE 1.1-11 kW Wastewater, sewage, utility and industrial applications



Grundfos-SE1-modularThe SE range of pumps is built for years of trouble-free operation. The SE range can operate submerged or dry-installed without motor cooling, and is extremely reliable and very easy to service. The pumps can be permanently installed using an auto-coupling guide-rail system or a fixed pipe connection; the pumps are also suitable for freestanding installation or for use as portable utility pumps.

The pumps are available with SuperVortex impellers (SEV) for applications with required low operating hours, dry matter content above 5 %, and a spherical free passage up to 100 mm, or with the S-tube impeller (SE1) for applications with required high operating hours, dry matter content up to 3 %, and a spherical free passage up to 100 mm.

The S-tube impeller is the only impeller on the market designed to cope with the challenges of modern wastewater with varying dry matter content. The simple and robust design of the S-tube impeller offers world class hydraulic efficiency without compromising free passage.




The SE range of pumps handles wastewater, process water and unscreened raw sewage in heavy-duty municipal, utility and industrial applications and is ideal for large flows.

A number of material variants are available for SE pumps, from variants with a stainless steel impeller to stainless steel variants for aggressive environments, meeting the standards EN 1.4408 and EN 1.4517/1.4539.



Features and benefits


  • High motor efficiency for substantial energy and cost savings.
  • Intelligent adaptive controls ensure reliable operation with low energy consumption.
  • Integrated analogue sensors offer complete monitoring of pump condition.
  • Lifting handle designed for optimum point-of-balance and correct lifting.
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean surface is extremely robust and impact-resistant.
  • One cable to the pump, simplifying pump installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Moisture-proof connector plug ensures that liquid cannot penetrate into the motor.
  • Patented SmartSeal auto-coupling gasket provides a completely leak-proof connection.
  • Easy-to-open clamp for the quick and easy disassembly of pump from motor unit.
  • Double mechanical shaft seal ensures longer operation time with less downtime.
  • Short rotor shaft reduces vibrations to protect shaft seals and bearings.
  • Liquidless motor cooling for continuous operation, even in dry installations.
  • Choice of SuperVortex or S-tube impeller.
  • Replaceable wear ring to return the pump to full efficiency.


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Grundfos NBF and NKF is an end-suction pump made for fire sprinkler pump applications.


Grundfos NBF is an end-suction pump made for fire sprinkler pump applications. NBF is a close-coupled type and NKF is a long-coupled type.

The NKF fire system is an NBF or NKF end-suction pump integrated with a coupling and a driver, which may be an electric motor or a diesel engine, assembled on a base frame.

Electric pump types can be ordered as a COMPACT model (inclusive of a controller integrated onto the baseframe).

Diesel-driven NKF. A controller always forms a part of the system.


The pump materials are in compliance with EN 12845 and prEN12259-12:

  • Impeller and wear rings are made of bronze
  • Wet parts such as shaft, washers and nuts are made of stainless steel
  • Castings are made of cast iron.


Grundfos-Fire system-3Grundfos offers a complete, factory-assembled controller in a steel plate cabinet, suitable for wall mounting or to install free-standing. The controller complies with the EN 12845 standard. The controller for diesel-powered pumps is always mounted on the base frame.



Electric motor

Grundfos-Fire system-2The electric motor is an MG or MMG motor complying with local standards for electric motors. As from 16 July 2011, the motors used in Europe will be IE2 = EFF 1 motors.




Diesel engine

Grundfos-Fire system-1The diesel engine can operate continuously at full load at site elevation with rated output in accordance with ISO 3046-1:1986. The pump reaches full operational speed within 15 seconds; the engine is capable of starting at a room temperature of 5 °C.

Each complete engine pump unit is tested on the manufacturer’s test bed for at least 1.5 hours at rated flow rate, and the result recorded on the test certificate.



The Grundfos fire pump units are typically used in fire-fighting applications for supplying water to fire-hose reels, fire hydrants or sprinkler systems.


Features and benefits

  • Pumps are made according to EN12845 and PrEN12259-12
  • Electric or diesel powered
  • Designed for superior functionality and performance reliability
  • Simple installation and easy maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Customised and reliable solutions
  • Widest range from one supplier.


  • Wide performance range
  • Customised solutions
  • Compact design


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Grundfos-Conex DIA-1, DIA-2, DIA-2Q (Dosing Instrumentation Advanced)




Measuring amplifiers and controllers

Conex DIA-1, DIA-2, DIA-2Q-1


The Conex® DIA (Dosing Instrumentation Advanced) series is designed for users without previous knowledge. A simple plain-text menu allows you to complete your tasks quickly and easily without wasting any time on learning and deciphering codes. The units speak no less than nine languages, allowing virtually anyone to navigate the self-explanatory menus. Conex®units monitor themselves, ensuring high water quality at all times.

Conex® DIA comes in three versions:



  • The calibration function carries out a plausibility check to prevent mishaps.
  • The logbook function records sensor data and calibration values complete with date and time.
  • The units also monitors the temperature and makes adjustments as necessary.
  • Nine display languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian.

Preassembled systems

TM041830_mit TextDIA preasssembled systems combine controllers and tried-and-tested electrodes on a plate ready for quick installation. The system is equipped with one of these controllers:


The system is equipped with one of these AquaCells:

  • D1, pressure-proof, with cleaning motor
  • D2, pressure-proof, with hydro-mechanical cleaning
  • D3, pressureless, with hydro-mechanical cleaning



  • Prepared cable sets
  • Measuring cell for Cl2 , ClO2 or O3
  • Optional pH electrode
  • Temperature compensation


  • Nine display language
  • The units also monitors the temperature and makes adjustments
  • The logbook function records sensor data


  • Drinking water treatment
  • pH control for dosing acids and alkalis, monitoring and control of residual chlorine
  • Swimming pool and bathing water treatment
  • pH control for dosing acids and alkalis, monitoring and control of residual chlorine
  • Industrial process water treatment
  • pH control for dosing acids and alkalis, monitoring and control of chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Disinfection in filling tanks and CIP applications.


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Grundfos-DPK are Submersible pumps for dewatering and draining applications



Grundfos-DPK-ModularGrundfos DWK and DPK are submersible pumps designed for dewatering and drainage applications. The cast-iron construction and the hydraulic design contribute durability and high efficiency.

The differences between the DWK and DPK pump ranges lie in the discharge arrangement and the installation type.

The DWK is designed with a top discharge pipe and suction strainer, and is thus more suitable for temporary installation, whereas the DPK has a side discharge and a ring-stand or auto coupling (as accessories), and is suitable for permanent installations.





General description

To ensure reliable and optimum operation, Grundfos
drainage pumps, type DPK, are designed with two
types of impeller:
• 0.75 – 15 kW models have semi-open impeller
• 19 and 22 kW models have closed impeller.
DPK pumps are used for removal of surface and
underground water in small and medium systems



DWK/DPK are excellent pumps for dewatering and draining applications. The combination of compact design with high-pressure capability makes the pumps suitable for use in pits, whether for temporary or fixed installation. The installation design options provide the flexibility needed to cover many needs. Applications include:

  • Construction sites
  • Excavations
  • Tunnels
  • Fish ponds
  • Drainage pits.


Operating conditions

The DPK pump range is suitable for two operating
• continuous, submerged operation, S1, with min.
liquid level above the pump
• intermittent operation, S3, with the pump partly
See fig. 1

pH value
DPK pumps in permanent installations can cope with
pH values ranging from 4 to 10.

Liquid temperature
0 °C to +40 °C.


Density of pumped liquid
Maximum 1000 kg/m3.
In the case of higher densities, contact Grundfos.

Installation depth
Maximum 25 metres below liquid level.

Operating pattern
Maximum 30 starts per hour.




Features and benefits

  • Durability
  • High efficiency
  • Installation flexibility
  • High-pressure capabilities, cost-effectiveness.


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Grundfos- SB and SBA pump is a submersible booster pump




Grundfos-SB_SBA1The SB and SBA pump is a submersible booster pump for the pumping of clean water. It is especially suitable for rainwater applications and private wells. The pump is available in two versions:




The Grundfos SB is a submersible pump for the pumping of clean water. It is designed for use in domestic applications. The pump itself is very silent, and when installed underground in a rainwater collecting tank or well, noise will never become an issue. The SB pump requires an external controller, like Pressure Manager, for automatic operation.



Features and benefits

  • Grundfos_SB-SBA_CurvesFlexible selection – Pump + controller
  • Complete control and monitoring
  • Easily accessible controller – for service & replacement


The new Grundfos SBA is a complete all-in-one unit. It is built on the proven SB platform, but comes with an integrated control unit – eliminating the need for an external pump controller.

The SBA is literally a plug- and pump solution. Once installed and connected to the piping, all you need to do is switch on the pump.


Features and benefits

  • Easy selection – one unit
  • Easy installation – one unit
  • Flexible installation – no controller inside the house


All SB and SBA pumps are available in two main variants

  • With integrated suction strainer (1 mm mesh)
  • Or with side inlet/flexible suction hose with floating suction strainer (1 mm mesh).


All variants are available with or without float switch:

The float switch offers automatic operation and dryrun protection, stop at low water level, ensuring that surface fragments do not enter the strainer.



Grundfos_SBAThe SB and SBA pump is a submersible booster pump for the pumping of clean water. It is especially suitable for rainwater applications.


Features and benefits

  • Noiseless operation
  • High reliability
  • Integrated protection.
  • Floating suction strainer
    The model with floating suction strainer always draws the water from just below the water surface where the water is clean and free from solid particles.


Additional features of the SBA:

  • Simplicity – all-in-one unit
  • Easy installation – no external control unit
  • Integrated dry-running protection
  • Automatic restart after dry-running
  • Lifting eye


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Grundfos- UP-UPS Circulator pumps




Grundfos-UPS-UPAUPS pumps constitute a complete range of 3-speed circulator pumps, available both in 50 and 60 Hz.

The pumps can be used in both open and closed systems. UPS pumps are of the canned-rotor type, i.e. pump and motor form an integral unit without a shaft seal and with only two gaskets for sealing. The bearings are lubricated by the pumped liquid.



UPS pumps are designed for circulation of liquids in heating and air-conditioning systems. Pumps with bronze or stainless steel housings are also suitable for use in hot-water service systems. Examples of typical applications are:

  • One- and two-pipe heating systems
  • Main pumps
  • Zone pumps
  • Boiler shunt pumps
  • Pumps for heating surfaces
  • Calorifiers
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Solar heating systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Geothermal heating systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Two-pipe air-conditioning systems
  • Pumps for refrigeration units.


Features and benefits

  • UP-UPS-CurveMaintenance-free
  • Low noise
  • Low energy
  • Complete range
  • Available with corrosion-resistant stainless steel or bronze pump housing
  • Wide range of accessories.










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Grundfos-DW Submersible pump



Grundfos-DWThe Grundfos DW pumps are robust, portable submersible pumps with a vertical discharge port.
Available with motors from 0.8 to 20 kW, they are designed to handle dewatering at construction sites, at excavation sites, in building drainage and in similar applications where there is a need to pump raw water or/and at high pressure.
DW main parts are made of aluminium in order for them to be as light as possible. This factor, in combination with the compact design and the high-pressure capabilities, make DW pumps portable and easy to handle. The semi-open type impeller is made of high-chrome stainless steel (550HB) in order to increase wear resistance. DW.50.08 (only) has a polypropylene motor housing.






DW pumps are excellent for dewatering and draining jobs. The portable design, wear resistant parts and high pressure capabilities ensure the reliability, sustained performance, user-friendliness and ease of servicing that are necessary in demanding dewatering applications at sites such as:

  • Construction sites
  • Excavations
  • Tunnels
  • Steel works
  • Fish ponds
  • Underground parking drainage Industrial drainage pits.


Features and benefits

  • Grundfos-DW-CyrvesDurability
  • Portability
  • User-friendliness
  • Ease of servicing High pressure capabilities Control options.








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