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office buildings







1. Featuring of variable speed control by inverter

Ebara-Booster-UN-FSAVariable speed drives are used since they can adjust the
motor’s power to fit specific needs, resulting in reduced
energy consumption and in increased savings.

2. Constant estimated terminal pressure control

The controller provides CETP (Constant estimated
Terminal Pressure) control that adjusts pump discharge
pressure in relation to pressure loss caused by pipe
resistance according to water flow. Thus, it can hold
down electric power consumption compared to constant
discharge pressure control with variable speed operation


3. Stable water supply

Pumps are in parallel operation for high demand and In
the event of pump/inverter fault, the controller
automatically activates another pump to assure water
supply without stopping system operation.


4. Compact layout

Ebara-Booster-UN2SLayout is very compact. All components are integrated on a
rugged steel base. It is ready for use by only connecting
with supply piping and to the power source. It occupies
lesser space and requires easier installation than
conventional units.

5. Extend the life of pump

Pumps are operation in automatic alternate parallel to
extend the life of the pumps.

6. Simple and compact inner control panel

Simple wiring by using RS485 digital communication can
reduce control panel dimension to be a compact design.


Selection Chart Model UN2M/S – CDX, 2CDX and 3S Pump









1. Domestic : High-rise buildings, Condominiums, Apartments etc.
2. Commercial : Office buildings, Hotel, Shopping centres etc.
3. Industrial : High-rise factory, Manufacturing & processing industries applications etc.
4. Social service : School, Hospitals etc.


More Information – Ebara-Booster UNP


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KSB-Hya-Eco VP




KSB-Hya Eco VP Fully automatic package pressure booster system, with 2 to 3 vertical high-pressure pumps and continuously variable speed adjustment of each pump for fully electronic control of the required supply pressure, with two standard volt-free changeover contacts for fault indication. Configuration and functions to DIN 1988, Part 5. Automated with BoosterControl and PumpDrive.

Building service, Residential buildings, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, department stores, industry, and other applications.


Overview of technical data
Type of coupling Direct
Pump set location Dry installed
Casing material (EN standard) 1. 4301
Maximum head 100, 00 m
Maximum inlet pressure 6 bar
Installation position Vertical
Shaft seal type Mechanical seal
Main applications Industry and process engineering; Water;Building services
Maximum drive rating 7, 50 kW
Type of installation Stationary
Maximum flow rate 70 m³/h
Maximum speed of rotation 2. 850 1/min
Standby pump Yes
Type of connection Direct
Operating mode Cascade and variable




EBARA               GRUNDFOS              KSB              WILO          TSURUMI