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Ebara Booster Systems

Booster Systems


 BPC – Hydro Booster
Variable Speed System
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 HP – Hydro Pneumatic
Booster System
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More details

EBARA-UD-Pressure Booster Unit


Ebara-Booster System-2GPE HVM



Ebara- 2GPE 3M Industrial booster sets 

Ebara_2gpe-3mIndustrial booster sets
The base of the group is in galvanised steel as are the manifolds. The discharge manifold is set-up to gather any two vertical type membrane reservoirs. Two pressure switches, the electric control panel and a pressure gauge are mounted on it. On suction, each electric pump has
an isolating valve and a non-return valve, with the possibility of connection to an air supply unit and has another isolating valve in discharge mode. The electric control panel is sustained by a relevant support fixed to the base.


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    June 21, 2014 8:30 pmPosted 4 years ago

    Apa ada jual pompa boster ebara yg 15/20 bar ? Dan harganya berapa dan listrik berapa hp ?


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