DAB Centrifugal Pump KDN


Standardised centrifugal single-stage pumps, designed for a wide range of applications, such as:
Water supply. Hot water circulation for the heating system. Circulation of cold water for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
Transfer of liquids in agricultural, horticultural, and industrial environments. Installation of pumping assemblies.
They can be coupled, using an elastic joint (standard or spacer), to a 2-pole or 4-pole electric motor, and installed on a formed metal sheet base in accordance with UNI EN 23661.

  • Operating range: flow up to 470 m3/h, head up to 143 metres.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar – 1600 kPa (for DN 200 max 10 bar).
  • Installation: normally in the horizontal position.
  • Pumped liquid temperature range: from -10°C to +140°C.

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