Ebara Horizontal Split Casing Pump CNA

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  • Very compact design for ease of installation and permits minimum maintenance.
  • Axially split casing allows the easy removal of the top casing for inspection and service.
  • A wider range of performance with head up to 150 m.
  • High speed drives and vertical mount available.              
  • Anti-corrosion materials used on the rotating parts.
  • High quality sealed and cartridge type bearing unit provide high durability.
  • High allowable working pressure can ensure stable running.
  • Mechanical seal for easy maintenance



  • Water supply
  • Drainage
  • Water circulation
  • Fire fighting


  • Water supply
  • Drainage

Water Work

  • Water intake
  • Booster
  • Water supply

Industrial Use

  • Water intake
  • Booster
  • Circulation
  • Drainage
  • Chemical


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4 Pole

2 Pole

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