Deltaflow™ manual Balancing Valves from ICV offer precise control of maximum flow for static balancing between all sizes of piping and equipment across the entire hydraulic system. ICV’s manual balancing valves effectively solve the static pressure imbalances in the hydraulic system. The intelligent design ensures they do this precisely over the entire set-range of the valve. Static balancing valves solve the static pressure imbalances caused by the fixed equipment itself.

Balancing valves
Flanged connection (BS EN1092-2)
Ductile iron body
Fusion bonded epoxy coating
AVK GUMMI EPDM rubber seated
DN65 – DN400
PN16 PN25
Similar 908/01, 908/02


Equal percentage control of flow matches the flow characteristics of the coils and motorized control valves

Precise hand wheel with turn counter for easy reading and adjustment of the maximum flow rate

Locking device/max opening device integrated in stem protects against tampering causing unwanted static pressure imbalances

Soft seat offers tight shut-off AVK own core technology

External high quality surface fusion bonded epoxy coated – inside and outside

Change of seal house O-ring during use possible at fully open valve position (back seating)

Measuring ports for measuring differential pressure

ICV PFM Bluetooth commissioning instrument measures the differential pressure and ensures safe and easy calibration of volumetric flow

Feet on valve for easy placement and transport

Fusion bonded epoxy coating on high grade ductile iron


Reference nos. and dimensions:

Related Series Series/Type PN class No. Description DN
908 908/00 PN16 908006500136 DN65 PN16 MANUAL BALANCE VALVE DN65
908 908/00 PN16 908008000136 DN80 PN16 MANUAL BALANCE VALVE DN80
908 908/00 PN16 908010000136 DN100 PN16 BALANCE VALVE DN100
908 908/00 PN16 908012500136 DN125 PN16 BALANCE VALVE DN125
908 908/00 PN16 908015000136 DN150 PN16 BALANCE VALVE DN150
908 908/00 PN16 908020000136 DN200 PN16 BALANCE VALVE DN200
908 908/00 PN16 908025000136 DN250 PN16 MBV ICV CTC EP/GREY DN250
908 908/00 PN16 908030000136 DN300 PN16 MBV ICV CTC EP/GREY DN300
908 908/00 PN16 908035000136 DN350 PN16 MBV ICV CTC EP/GREY DN350
908 908/00 PN16 908040000136 DN400 PN16 MBV ICV CTC EP/GREY DN400