Marelli Explossion Proof Motor



Motors suitable in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Low voltage from 0.12kW to 560kW. Medium voltage from 110kW to 560kW.
Aluminium and cast iron frames.
Mains and Inverter supply. Marelli Motori S.p.A has a tradition back to 1891 when Ercole Marelli founded the Company. With over 100 years of manufacturing excellence and experience Marelli Motori is recognised as a leading supplier to the Power Generation Industrial Petrochemical and Marine Industries sectors offering a complete range of Low Medium and High Voltage Motors and Generators. These quality products are backed up by an organisation of skilled people providing sales service and technical support to the high standards demanded by our customers.
Marelli Motori designs manufactures and sells:

  • Low Medium and High Voltage Synchronous Generators
  • Low Medium and High Voltage Asynchronous Generators
  • Generators for Hydropower UPS Cogeneration Industrial applications
  • Low Medium and High Voltage Asynchronous Motors
  • Low and Medium Voltage Hazardous Area Motors ( IP55 IP56 IP65)

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Product Specification

  • Category: Electro Motor
  • Brand: Marelli
  • Power: 0.37 Kw ~ 200 Kw
  • Speed: 2~6 Pole
  • Voltage: 220/380V, 380/660V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Catalog: Download Here