925/76 Light motorized control butterfly valves offer precise and adjustable flow control for all cooling and heating plants ensuring comfort and energy saving for on-demand heating and cooling. Typically, modulating flow control butterfly valves are used on the return pipe of chillers, cooling towers but also suitable for a range of flow distribution applications. The actuators are pre-mounted from factory avoiding positioning errors. Very wide range makes design and selection easy from one supplier. Adequate flow control helps avoid oversupply and the wide offering ensures an economical fit

Motorized valves
On/off control and feedback signals
Wafer/lug type
Fusion bonded epoxy coating
ductile iron
AVK EPDM rubber
DN50 – DN400
Simlar: 925/06


Light weight and small fits into small spaces. Actuator height only between 141 – 186 mm

Wide range available from 50 Nm to 2000 Nm ensures economical fit of valve and actuator

Produced according to JB and CE standards

IP68 extra high protection class suitable for outdoors installations

Auto-calibration ensure correct position feedback and correct functional integration of the valve and actuator

Optional internal heating element ensures that condensation doesn’t damage the circuits

Optional easy to use large handwheel for manual override during commissioning

Self-locking gear train for stable torques and long life

Dew barrier disc DN50-300

Premium butterfly valve designed for HVAC, supply drainage and drinking water systems

The flange gasket is thick and profiled to ensure correct fit in valve body, and the high quality EPDM ensures continuous elasticity and no brittleness even towards end of lifetime (alternative NBR, or high temperature EPL)

Rubber is approved for drinking water (minimum biofilm and minimum contamination ensured)

Integrated profiled gasket from AVK GUMMI

High quality fusion bonded epoxy coating on ductile iron for higher strength (alternative SS AISI 316 disc)

Long neck design for insulation AISI 420 stainless steel shaft

Double PPOM bearing and an EPDM 0-ring as backup sealing safely ensures no leakage from the neck

Reinforced seating area at shaft to ensure less deformation on installation, Shaft holes dimensioned to create compression around the shaft

Pin-less and two stub shaft design ensures a higher flow compared to a though-pin

PTFE coated bearings at the top and bottom of the disc for low friction also during the end of lifetime – especially important for motorized butterfly valves


Reference nos. and dimensions:

Related Series Series/Type PN class No. Description DN
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576000505301 MO ACT F 76 50NM F05 HW DN50
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576000505301 MO ACT F 76 50NM F05 HW DN65
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576000505301 MO ACT F 76 50NM F05 HW DN80
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576001007301 MO ACT F 76 100NM F07 HW DN100
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576001007301 MO ACT F 76 100NM F07 HW DN125
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576001607301 MO ACT F 76 160NM F07 HW DN150
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576002510301 MO ACT F 76 250NM F10 HW DN200
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576005010301 MO ACT F 76 500NM F10 HW DN250
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576006010301 MO ACT F 76 600NM F10 HW DN300
925 925/76 76/73 PN16 92576010012301 MO ACT F 76 1000NM F12 HW DN350


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