AVK’s range of hydraulic balancing valves for is extremely wide and versatile and provides best in class accuracy and lifecycle. It includes pressure reducing valve, pressure sustaining valves, constant flow valves, level control valves, pressure relief valves, non-return valves, booster pump control valve, solenoid control valves, altitude level valves, float level valves, pressure management control valves etc. State of the art.

Hydraulic balancing
Flanged connection (BS EN1092-2)
Ductile iron
Fusion bonded epoxy coating
AVK GUMMI rubber membrane
DN50 – DN400
PN10 PN16
Similar 859 other variants


Main control valve

Lifted seat to avoid damage due to cavitation

High Kv value at fully open position

Geometry of regulating plug provides high ratio of travel against Kv, resulting in optimal control performance

Non-symmetric axial position of rubber diaphragm results in less stretch/stress near closed position

All non-coated internals made of stainless steel AISI 316

Body and bonnet of ductile iron with fusion bonded epoxy coating in compliance with DIN 3476 part 1 and EN 14901 and WRAS-DVGW/W270/UBA, 100/300micron, GSK approved, RAL 5017.

Pilot system (EP patent No. 2855989)

Modular and compact design for easy application change

Main components made of stainless steel AISI 316:

Distribution block:-  Connecting main control valve to pilot system-  Independent adjustment of opening and closing speed of main valve-  Control orifice

Filter:- High capacity, easy to flush with possibility of back flushing- Mesh 100, high performance wire screen type

Hydraulic control block:- Includes balanced pilot valve providing more stable pressure set- Can be set up for different applications, using single-function modules (SFM) or multi-function modules (MFM)


Full bore or reduced bore

Reference nos. and dimensions:

Related Series Series/Type PN class No. Description DN
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0050-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN50
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0065-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN65
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0080-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN80
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0100-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN100
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0125-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN125
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0150-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN150
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0200-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN200
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0250-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN250
859 859/PSV PN16 859-0300-00-124001X PSV-R DN50,PN16/316/range/EP DN300


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