Torishima End Suction Volute Pump CAL / CAR


Technical Data

Total Heads : up to 100 m
Capacity : up to 600 m3/hr
Size : 32 to 200 mm
Temperature : Standard : -10℃ to 100℃
Option : 100℃ to 350℃


  1. Back Pull Out Design
  2. Closed, Radial Impeller Fitted with Protective Wear Ring
  3. Outdoor Design
  4. High Temperature Operation (optional)
  5. High Efficiency 3D Impeller
  6. Single Acting Mechanical Seal
  7. Stainless Steel SCS 13 Impeller (optional)
  8. Low NPSH and a Wide Application Range


Main application fields are Cooling Water Pump, Hot Water (circulation) Pump, Cold Water Pump, Raw Water Pump, Filtrate Pump, Back Wash Pump, Transfer Pump, Recovering Back Wash Pump, Deaerator Feed Water Pump, Industrial Water Pump, Spray Pump, Sprinkling Pump, Chilled Water Pump.