Torishima End Suction Volute Pump CEN


Technical Data

Total Heads : up to 100m
Capacity : up to 620 m3 / h (170l/s)
Size : 32 to 150 mm
Temperature : Standard -10℃ up to 100℃
Option -30℃ up to 120℃


  1. End suction volute pumps with vertical centerline discharge
  2. Back Pull Out (BPO) design allows the removal all rotating elements without disturbing the casing, piping or motor
  3. Strong stuffing boxes
  4. Closed, radial flow impeller fitted with protective wear ring


  1. General water supply, irrigation and drainage
  2. Pumping of sea water, brine, alkali and condensate
  3. Circulating hot and cold water supply
  4. Sprinkling & fire fighting system
  5. Swimming Pool