Tsurumi Domestic Pumps Family

Avaiability: In Stock
Discharge Bore(mm) 15, 25
Motor Output(kW) 0.1

The FAMILY/FAMILY-A series are submersible single-phase portable drainage pumps. In addition to the 25mm hose coupling, it also comes with an easy-to-attach 15mm hose coupling as a standard accessory. The FAMILY-A pump with a cylindrical float switch reduces power consumption and extends operating life.
Moreover, it can be used as a residue pump and drain water to 1mm in depth by attaching the optional residue adapter to the pump casing.

catalogue Tsurumi Domestic Pumps Family

Performance Curves

Model Selection
Model Discharge
Phase Starting
FAMILY-12 15, 25 0.1 Single Cpacitor Run
15, 25 0.1 Single Cpacitor Run

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