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KSB Building Services

KSB Products by Application :

Building Services :

All-in solutions for building services from KSB

KSB offers comprehensive know-how for economical all-in solutions.

Our diverse product solutions provide you with optimum support for your dewatering, water supply, heating and air conditioning applications.

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PT.SUKMA Megah – Distributor of Industrial & Domestic Pumps
Komplek Ruko Bumi Fajar Indah Blok D1/39
Jalan Fajar Niaga , Bekasi 17145  
Phone  : +6221-88851131 , 8863471
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Ready-to-connect package single-pump or dual-pump station with PE-LLD (polyethylene) collecting tank for underground installation. Equipped with either one or two (explosion-proof or non-explosionproof) Amarex N submersible motor pumps with free-flow impeller. Collecting tank design to DIN 1986-100 and EN 752 / EN 476 / EN 1671. Automated with LevelControl.
Redevelopment of premises, sewage disposal in various sectors, joint sewage disposal for several residential units.

Floodable single and duplex sewage lifting units.
Basement flats, bars, basement party rooms and saunas, cinemas and theatres, public buildings, hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools, industrial premises, collective sewage disposal from rows of houses, department stores and hospitals, etc.

Close-coupled, horizontal, single-stage annular casing pump, with ratings and main dimensions to EN 733, with replaceable casing wear rings and motor-mounted variable speed system.
Spray irrigation, irrigation, drainage and water supply systems, heating and air-conditioning systems, fire-fighting systems, swimming pools, handling of condensate, hot water, cooling water, fire-fighting water, oil, drinking water, cleaning agents, service water.



KSB-Hya Eco VP Fully automatic package pressure booster system, with 2 to 3 vertical high-pressure pumps and continuously variable speed adjustment of each pump for fully electronic control of the required supply pressure, with two standard volt-free changeover contacts for fault indication. Configuration and functions to DIN 1988, Part 5. Automated with BoosterControl and PumpDrive.

Residential buildings, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, department stores, industry, and other applications.


for skyscrapers – powerful yet economical

In time for the ISH 2011 trade fair, KSB has added the new Etaline-R in-line pump series with powerful IE2 motors to its product range. The circulator pumps are ideally suited to air-conditioning and heating applications.







A smart pressure manager for water supply of construction

KSB has simplified its product to a package of MoviBOOST Pressure Boosting System in every construction or building. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of each industry, building, turf watering and spray irrigation.





KSB-Hyamat® VP


Fully automatic package pressure booster system, with 2 to 6 vertical high-pressure pumps and continuously variable speed control of each pump by PumpDrive speed control system. For fully electronic control of the required supply pressure. Configuration and functions to DIN 1988, Part 5. Automated with BoosterControl and PumpDrive.


Pressure boosting in residential buildings, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, department stores, industry, etc.


  • Fire Fighting Pump Set

World-class quality of Fire Fighting Pumps designed to cater every buildings’ safety requirements against fire hazards

Driven by more than 140 years of global experiences in producing high quality pumps, valves, and related systems for energy, oil and gas, mining, water and sewage, as well as building services and industrial sectors.

Particularly for Fire Fighting Pumps, KSB has enjoyed over 40 years’ expertise in providing protection against fire hazards.


KSB-Multi Eco-Pro

Hya-Eco_KSB1D e s i g n

▪ Centrifugal pump
▪ Close-coupled design
▪ Multistage
▪ Self-priming
Controlmatic E.2
▪ Starts up and stops the pump in line with consumer
▪ Protects the pump against dry running




Rio N_Z NDesign


Maintenance-free, glandless wet rotor pump, flanged or screw-ended, with three speed levels; in twin pump design (Rio Z) for standby operation with integrated swing check valve or, on option, peak load operation (parallel operation).




  • KSB-Rio C Hot water heating systems and heat recovery systems



Maintenance-free, glandless wet rotor pump, screw-ended, with three speed levels.

Hot water heating systems, heat recovery systems and cooling circuits in air-conditioning systems.






  • Movitec A PumpDrive





Multistage, vertical, high-pressure centrifugal pump in ring-section design with suction and discharge nozzles of identical nominal diameters arranged opposite to each other (in-line design), close-coupled. ATEX-compliant version available.


Spray irrigation, irrigation, washing, water treatment, fire-fighting and pressure booster systems, hot water and cooling water recirculation, boiler feed systems etc.
6 (LHS), 45, 65


KSB Mega CPK-Horizontal radially split volute casing pump



Horizontal, radially split volute casing pump in back pull-out design to EN 22 858 / ISO 2858 / ISO 5199, single-stage, single-entry, with radial impeller. Also available as variant with “wet” shaft. ATEX-compliant version available.

KSB-Mega CPK▪ Volute casing pump

▪ Horizontal installation

▪ Back pull-out design

▪ Single-stage

▪ Meets the technical requirements to ISO 5199

▪ Dimensions and ratings to ISO 2858 complemented by pumps of nominal diameters DN 25, DN 200 and above


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