Grundfos SEG – Grinder Pumps



Grundfos grinder pumps (SEG) are specifically designed for areas with no sewer systems or areas where gravitation systems are unsuitable.

grundfos_seg_modularThe high discharge pressure enables transfer of effluents and sewage over longer distances to the public sewer or sewage treatment plant.


The SEG range comprises models for single-phase or three-phase voltage supply. All types are designed for voltage tolerances of –10%/+6%.

Pumped liquid

The SEG pumps are suitable for pumping domestic sewage and other liquids with a pH value of 4 to 10 in permanent installations. The SEG pumps are designed for fully submerged continuous operation or partly submerged intermittent operation with a maximum of 20 starts per hour.
In order to protect the grinder system, the pumped liquid must be free from mechanically wearing particles or abrasives such as sand or gravel.


Maximum temperature of pumped liquid: 40°C.
For short periods, maximum one hour, up to 60°C is permissible (non-Ex versions only).
Ambient temperature limitations: 40°C
Maximum submersion: 20 m
For information on the actual prefabricated pit ‘PUST’ please click the link below.


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