Ebara-ELINE/ELINE-D Vertical In-line Pumps



Ebara-ELINE/ELINE-D Vertical In-line Pumps

Pressure heating systems
Cold water circuits
Coling circuit/towers
Water supply (non-drinking)
Presuure increase
Distribution of domestic hot water supply
Mainly used in industry for pumping clear liquids, free of abrasive particles in suspension and chemically neutral.

Threephase IP 55, with flange
Rotation speed: 1.450-2.900 rpm
Frequency : 50Hz (60 Hz upon request)
Insulation : Class F
Ambient temperature : 40°C Max




Designation                Standard Material                            Optional
Casing                           Cast Iron (GG-25)
Spacer                          Cast Iron (GG-25)
Impeller                      Cast Iron (GG-20)
Shaft                             Stainless steel(1.4401)                     Bronze
Oring                            KLINGERIT
Mechanical seal        Carbon/Ceramic




EBARA            GRUNDFOS           KSB          WILO        TSURUMI

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